WARNING: This Brand New Class Is Only Opened For A Very Limited Time And Will Be Removed Once We Reach 100 Spots

Brand Spankin' New Class That Exposes Exploding Opportunity All Using...  

NEW Breakthrough Technology Unleashes The Simplest System for Unstoppable Traffic, Leads, And Sales!

Even If You're Brand New, No List, and Have No Authority... 

This is a BRAND NEW Training Class

This is brand new and has never been discussed in ANY of my trainings... 

Here's the quick deets... 

We'll be doing this live over 2 days bootcamp style walking you through the entire processes using AI so you can capitalize on this new technology driving you traffic, leads, and sales for yourself as well as your clients. 

The dates are February 3rd and February 6th, 2023. 

But don't worry if you can't attend...

See, we'll be recording this live and will have it all plugged inside the members area once it's complete so you can go through this at your own pace watching it as many times as you'd like. 

  • You don't need any special skills or learn anything complex. 
  • You don’t have to know any kind of technical “coding”
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re brand spankin' new and have no clue what to say or write...
  •  You don't have to be the expert in your market...
  • You can remain completely anonymous! 

This levels the playing field like nothing I've ever seen before...

Dear Friend...

Lemme cut right to the nitty-gritty of all of this because I'm pumped beyond belief... 

See, the last 6 months has created an explosion for those of us in the digital marketing world that I've never seen before. 

It's gotten SCAREY GOOD! 

And I'm not talking just about since I've been an internet marketer either... I'm referring to any business I've ever been a part of. 

I hate to use the word "game-changer" however... 

I don't know what else to call it...

See, when ChatGPT was released... 

Everything changed. 

Now, you're seeing mainstream talk about it. 

You've got celebrities like Ryan Reynolds running commercials with scripts from it. 

And we're just scratching the surface.

Which is why I'm holding this special tell-all bootcamp style class walking you through a process for building a successful digital marketing business using ChatGPT and the OpenAI Playground. 

Why Are Some Content Writers and SEO Pro's Screaming Bloody Murder About A.I.?

It's simple... 

They're afraid of being replaced by bots. 

Because these "new" rules allow anyone...

Regardless of age, background, upbringing, and how you sound... 

To go into any market and become the authority getting new traffic, leads, and sales. 

Gaining an advantage that previously would've taken large staffs to tackle what 1 person behind a keyboard can pull off in a single afternoon! 

Long gone are the days of relying on someone that's naturally talented. 

All because we now can tap into the power of "bots".

As a matter of fact, I just built a website for a client (even though I don't take on clients) for $5,700.00 with the content being 100% generated by AI. 

All in a single afternoon. 

The reason?

It was better than anything I could've written. 

That's not to mention the countless affiliate sites that we've been using all AI driven content about topics we know nothing about. 

Imagine not having to wait on the perfect writer or having to spend the 10,000 hours learning a subject. 

It's now here... waiting for you at your fingertips. 

Will you answer the call? 

Don't Be Scared... 

That was my advice to this SEO content creator and copywriter... 

I was professing my love for the "A.I. bots" in a comment on the Fakebooks. 

All of a sudden, I was getting attacked left and right.

It was worse than a fight at a political rally!  

"I can outdo your shitty AI" said scaredy cat SEO copywriter... 

But in the same sentence was complete nonsense, grammatical errors, and misspellings. 

I pointed it out and in a couple of minutes all of her post had magically been fixed. 

She probably ran it through an AI program to clean it up. 😂

See, I'm only passionate about things that work. 

It's pretty simple. 

I get super excited when I see something that actually works, moves the needle, and something that makes our lives easier. 

That's what this is... 

While this is push button simple, there are some rules.... you have to learn to guide it to get the results you're after. 

That's why I'm holding this tell-all class. 

I want to arm you with the power of the A.I. bots... 

Put 'em to work for you. 

Make a whole bunch of the almighty greenback... 

Here's the Skinny... 

Inside the class, we'll do a deep dive into how to leverage this new, breakthrough technology to finally flip the switch building you a highly profitable business... 

That drives unstoppable traffic, leads, and sales. 

Building passive income streams and more importantly giving you the how-to but also the confidence. 

Inside this class, we'll reveal... 

  • The AI Idea Stack so you're never stuck wondering what to do... We simply let the bots tell us exactly what to create... 
  • How to save on all of these expensive AI tools with mostly free or cheap tools that pack a powerful punch. 
  • How to use simple commands that will give you better content than 90% of the writers on the freelancing websites... And you don't even need to code - this makes it all super easy and until now - it's never been available.
  • How to use AI for video content from scripting, titles, descriptions - and yes... Even the video itself.   I'll show you how you can make profitable Youtube videos without showing your face -all using AI!
  •  How to use AI with your current SEO - you'll see how we're generating content hubs, keyword selection, titles, and more.
  • Creating the perfect AI blog post for hundreds even thousands of ranking keywords.
  •  How to leverage AI for use with your landing pages
  • How to use AI to build high quality, 100% free white hat links... (For those of you that are agency owners can use this to sell as an addon higher ticket service)
  • How to use AI to uncover affiliate products to promote in seconds
  • Plus a whole lot more... 

Join Today and Get the Following Bonuses

For starters, let's talk about the crazy bonuses I'm putting together when you join this class. 


Bonus # 1:  60 Days of Q&A and Help with your AI Systems 

Once you join, you'll be given 60 days of email support to get feedback, help, and guidance on your AI campaigns.

Value $500

Bonus # 2:  One on One 30 Minute Strategy Call

You'll get 30 minutes of 1 on 1 with yours truly to talk shop about your SEO, current projects, or getting the most from AI

Value $500

Bonus # 3:  Simple Evergreen Affiliate Marketing Funnels (Training Call) 

Inside, you'll see how to structure simple evergreen affiliate offers and start out with two simple pages. 

Value $199

Bonus # 4:  Content Conversion Template

Inside this PDF, you'll see the template we use to maximize our conversions from our content creation efforts. 

Once you go through this, you'll see exactly how to structure your content template for maximum conversions. 

How to Grab a Spot In The Class and All the Important Deets...

Here's the deal... 

Unless you've been living under a rock, then you know that A.I. (artificial intelligence) is here. 

It's not going anywhere. 

The early adopters that make it work in 2023 are the ones that walk away with the lion's share of online profits. 

Which is why this is such a no-brainer. 

Here's what you'll get... 

Once you order, you'll get a spot to attend the AI Quick Start Bootcamp... 

You'll be able to attend the live training sessions on February 3rd and February 6th, 2023. 

Once it's over, you'll have access to all the recordings to go through at your own pace. 

And watch it as many times as you like. 

We're going to give you the know-how to building a profitable business... 

All of it using A.I. 

Making profits online like a walk in the park. 

The investment in the program is a measly $497. 


Since you're seeing this invite, I'm doing something special and as a result... 

You'll not pay anywhere near that... 

You Have 2 Options Here...

However, as you can see it's expiring real soon...

Option # 1: A.I. Quick Start System & All the Bonuses

This gives you access to the live training and all the recordings along with the bonuses that you see above. 

When you take action right away, you're not going to pay the $497 price. 

Or even $397

Not even $297. 

But today, you can get in for the one time investment of just $197.

And I'll even do you one better - I'll split it up into 2 payments of just $100 if you like.  

However, before we go any further, I need to warn ya. 

This is one helluva deal, but will not be around for long, so go ahead and grab your spot before we pull the plug.

YES! I Want Option # 1 And Join The AI Quickstart System

I want to join the AI Quick Start class and implement the "new" AI systems to generate traffic, leads, and sales building profitable digital businesses with less guesswork. 

I understand this is a live class and will be given access to the recordings once they're available to go through at my own pace as many times as I like. 

Option # 2: A.I. Quick Start System Platinum Level 

With this you get everything mentioned above... 

Access to the live training, plus all the recordings and bonuses... 

Plus, and this is a biggie...

You're getting a license to sell the AI Quick Start System and keep all of the profits for yourself.

That means you can finally have a product that you feel good about...

One that's tapping into super-hot AI trend that's taking the world by storm. 

Now, here's the rules...

  1. You must sell it for a minimum of $197. 
  2. You can't give it away for free or anything like that. 
  3. You can package it anyway you like as long as it sells for a minimum of $197
  4. You can't sell the rights to resell it. 

The investment for the Platinum Level?

It's $2500.00 but since this is a live class and since I'm still working out all the ins and outs with the licensing setup you can get in today for only $997 with the honor system.

That means your investment is only $997 today and you only pay the remainder after you've earned 10x's your investment back.... 

I'll not contact you, bug you, and there's no forced rebills - it's all 100% on the honor system.   

Plus, I'll even put this on an easy pay if you like of just 6 payments of $197. 

And as an additional bonus, I'll also include my Five 10 Formula for creating profitable email campaigns... 

This system will show you how to build out 5 figure campaigns from email... This will help you sell more plus you'll see how to structure offers of others. 

Realize, if you wait around though, by the time you come back, the price may have already jumped or pulled all together.  

YES! I Want Option # 2 and Get The AI Quick Start System Platinum Level

I want access to the Platinum Level that gives me the ability to go through the class, get the bonuses, and have access to all the recordings for $997 today using the honor system or $197 per month for 6 months.  

Plus, in addition to the live class, recordings, and bonuses, I'll also have the license to sell the AI Quick Start System and keep 100% of the profits!

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