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Finally - The Set It And Forget It Method to Building Your Brand, Multiplying Your Content, All While Being Everywhere

Dear Friend,

If the hyped up, hustle and grind idea of being glued to the computer, tablet, and phone all day, every day has left you feeling frazzled, frustrated and more confused on what to do next, then listen up because I'm going to show you a system that's easy to implement, uses 100% free software, and completely safe. 

Regardless of you experience, now you too, can use this system regardless of what business you're in to finally build your brand, multiply your content, all while taking your life back!

From: Derek Pierce

It's called...

The Brand Stack System

Once you go through the program, you'll be able to... 

Create and multiply your content allowing you to do the things that are more important inside your business and taking your life back once and for all.  

If you're reading this, then chances are good you've heard the "guru" talk- Be Everywhere. Hustle. Grind. 24-7 like there's no tomorrow. 

However, we both know how that ends.  You're left feeling more frustrated, stressed out, and clueless if you're ever going to get out of the endless content hampsterwheel. 

Once you implement my Brand Stack system, you'll be able to leverage all of your content creation so you can be everywhere.  Automatically

Automate using Free Software.  Inside, you'll see the "free" software we use to create automation rules that run our affiliate sites as well as client websites. 

Best of all it's completely reliable and 100% safe to use. 

Build A Safe, Solid Foundation For Getting 100% Free Traffic from the Search Engines.  Once you implement our process, you'll be creating the foundation that sets you up to get more eyeballs by getting in front of your most sought after customers when they need you the most!

Protect Your Brand Across The Web.  Not only will this protect your brand on the good 'ole webosphere, but this also sends a signal to the search engine bots every time you create new content boosting your overall trust and authority. 

No matter how big or small your business is, this is leveraging the web to it's fullest. 

Give You A Service Your Digital Agency Can Resell.  Once you go through the program, you'll immediately have a highly valuable, sought after service you can sell to local businesses by simply setting up these Brand Stacks. 

This is something you can charge hundreds, even thousands of dollars for.  Or you can use this as low ticket offering to give them massive value yet is something you can setup in no time.

Get the Brand Stack System Today for only $27

Here's Everything You're Getting When You Order the Brand Stack System Today

The Brand Stack Blueprint Book

Inside this book you'll get the foundation for building out brand stacks and see first hand how to use for full automation to take one piece of content and multiple it 15 times over. 

Upgrade to the Brand Stack Bootcamp Video Training

In addition to the training manual, I'm going to upgrade your package to include the entire video training so you can look over my shoulder to see exactly how to setup these brand stacks.  

Regardless, of your experience level, you'll be able to set it and forget it after going through the videos. 

Plus, I'm Throwing In The Following Bonuses to Make This the Most "No-Brainer" Offer On the Planet

Bonus # 1  Piggy Back Positioning

Instant traffic, leads, and gain authority while getting recognized from other authority figures in your market. 

This video will show you a recipe using the 100% free software to piggback on other authority figures in your market to build a following, gain REAL traffic, and build trust within the search engines. 

Bonus # 2: Content That Ranks Content Creation Templates

You'll see the content creation templates we use every time we start to build a piece of content. 

For every piece of content, it's got to have the proper framework or else it will never see any traffic from the Search Engine Gods no matter what we do. 

These templates will give you the very framework to pull off Search Engine friendly content that ranks. 

Bonus # 3: Content Conversion Template

Inside this template, you'll see how we structure our offers within our content to get the maximum exposure. 

This comes from years of split-testing multiple ads, calls to action, and offers inside various placements inside our content. 

Bonus # 4: Page One SEO Cheat Sheet

This is all the tweaks and preferred settings we build out our SEO affiliate sites as well as any client sites we take on allowing you to take your boring, no-traffic getting website into a SEO powerhouse. 

Secure Your Copy of the Brand Stack System Today for only $27

Easy, Beginner Friendly Setup In 90 Minutes or Less Then Fuggedaboutit

Instead of feeling fried and frazzled wondering how to get ahead because of having to keep up with so many platforms because after all - everyone says... 

"You've Got To Be Everywhere!"

That's the trap of running omnipresence or a multi-channel approach. 

You're doing everything you can in your business yet feel if you have to manage one more thing you're going to explode. 

That's why I created this system. 

And no, you don't need expensive software to pull it off. 

I'm going to show you how to build these Brand Stack Campaigns using 100% Free Software. 

Eliminate The Marketing Kiss of Death

The kiss of death is when you or your clients create a Ghost Town. 

And it's the worst sin of all in the digital world and you see local businesses as well as marketing professionals committing this more than anyone else.

I'm sure you've seen it countless times.

You visit their branded Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever platform that was setup) and you see it empty or a post from 3 years ago. 

You'll immediately start pondering...

Is this company still around?

Are they still in business?

Are they any good? 

This is an easy fix once you get inside and once you implement my 4 step process to leveraging all of these sites to multiplying our creation efforts from a single piece of content.

Our Simple 4 Step Process Makes It Simple to Be Everywhere Your Customers Are...

Fully functional, automated, content-multiplication system that's 100% safe, reliable, and effective.

Step # 1

Create Your Trigger

Step # 2

Plug in Using The Free Web based software we show you how to get.

Step # 3

Multiplies Your Content, Syndicating Across Your Brand Stack

Step # 4

Be Everywhere Your Customers Are Looking.

Inside, You'll See Everything You Need to...

How to leverage your content in multiple forms... I believe in doing something once and getting rewarded over and over again.  You'll see exactly how we effortlessly take a single video and convert it into at least 4 different formats stretched across 15 properties!

Properly and safely setup your very own brand stack.  You'll look over my shoulder as I explain how to set everything up from start to finish, even if you're just starting out with no clue where to start. 

The Amazing Free Tool that will turn a single piece of content  and automatically post across the web allowing you to finally break free, showing up where your customers are while actually working less. 

Instantly safe guard your websites with our proper, automated, link building foundation helping prevent the potential of the negative effects of SEO.

Set it and forget about it letting the free software do all the heavy lifting allowing you to do the things that are more important that tinkering with social media sites or wondering what to post. 

Inside, you'll see how we make it all come together - automatically. 

Why being online all day, every day updating social media is the worst thing for your business.  You'll see how to pull it off without expensive tools and without needing a staff.  It's simple and as I said before you can set it and forget about it.  

Have an effective and highly sought-after service you can resell.  Once you go through the program, you'll immediately have a highly valuable, sought after service you can sell to local businesses by simply setting up these Brand Stacks. 

Get the Brand Stack System Today for only $27

The Only System You'll Need to Create, Automate, and Be Everywhere

Best of all, you can do this without... 

  • Constantly having to update and respond to every social media platform.
  • Hustling to all hours of the night - working your fingers to the bone with nothing but FREE content. 
  • Putting your work or website in danger with tactics that can do more harm than good.
  • Moving the free bar to give all your content away that you've worked and earned the right to sell.

Get on With It - How Much?

As part of this special offer, it's a damn near pittance to the real value you're getting here on the inside. 

For starters, people have paid as much as $199 for the video training alone not counting all the bonuses and additional training I've included here. 

Which is why you need to take action right away- this offer may very well be gone if you decide to bounce and check it out later. 

Today, you're able to get in for measly one time investment of just $27.

No forced rebills or anything like that.  

One deal will pay you back that amount 100x which makes this a complete no-brainer.

Backed By Our 100% Unconditional,
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

In addition, your order is backed by our 100% Unconditional, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  

Even though, it's only $27, I want you to feel comfortable with your investment in the program.  That's why I've put together the most ridiculous guarantee. 

Go through the program and most importantly implement what I'm showing you and if you're not 100% satisfied, then simply drop me an email and I'll refund you the $27. 

Plus, you can keep the training manual and the "brand stacks" you've already built. 

Sound fair?  I don't think you'll find a better guarantee as I've completely eliminated all the risk here and given you an extremely generous deal. 

LEt's Recap

Everything you're getting when you join...

Brand Stack Blueprint 

PDF Training Manual

(Value $99)

Brand Stack Video Training Upgrade 

Complete, How to Training Videos

(Value $299)

Piggy Back Positioning 

Instant Traffic and Leads Video Training

(Value $199)

Content Creation Templates

PDF Templates

(Value $99)

Content Conversion Template

PDF Templates

(Value $99)

Page One SEO Cheatsheet

PDF Training Manual

(Value $99)

YES! Give Me Your Complete Brand Stack System! 

I'm ready to stop spinning my wheels, skip the guesswork, and implement your system so I can build my brand, automate my content, and build the SEO framework so I can start being everywhere my customers are. 

I'm ready to multiple my content, all while working less because of the system I've put into play. 

List Price: $199 Today Only $27

Get Instant Access and Inside the Members Area Going Through The Program in the next 2 Minutes.
All Orders Are Processed Through Our 100% Secure Server

All Backed By Our 100% Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

My mission has been to help digital marketers and business owners leverage technology instead of being glued to it all day every day and that's exactly what the Brand Stack System will do for you. 

One final warning - this is all a special test I'm running and I can't guarantee the same offer will be around if you decide to bounce. 

Remember, once you invest in the Brand Stack Blueprint, you're getting the Downloadable manual, the video training and all the bonuses that you seen outlined on this page. 

Go ahead and grab your spot and I'll see you on the inside

Derek Pierce

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