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Discover the Simple, Step By Step Framework to Getting Clients Come To You... Easily and Consistently!

Now... You Too Can Bring In $3K -$20K Clients Using Simple Ads That Anyone Can Create...

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Dear Friend, 

If you're looking for a way to stop cold calling and eliminate blasting millions of emails per day in hopes to land a couple of clients, then listen up... 

Over the last several years, I've helped multiple 7 figure companies with their digital marketing, creating offers, and building successful ad campaigns. 

Here's the story... 

My wife Laura and I are in a bit of a transition. 

See our only child, Dawson is set to head to college next summer.

And as a result, we're going to be empty nesters pretty soon!

Laura explained to me that she wanted to be put to work to get her mind off of the fact her baby is moving away. 

That is why you're seeing this offer at this very moment. 

I'm going to teach her the steps to building out successful Facebook ad campaigns to get Clients Coming To Us. 

Since, I'm going to be recording these training materials over the next few weeks anyway, I believed many of you would greatly benefit to my wildly simple, yet profitable processes to get clients coming to YOU through Facebook Ads. 

What This Is Not...

Before I explain exactly what this is, let me inform you what this is not... 

  • This is not about cold calling business owners. 
  • We're not spamming millions of emails in hopes to get to talk to a couple of people. 
  • We're not pulling asking friends and family
  • This has nothing to do with SEO 

This is all about how to get business owners coming to you so you can sell them your products and services through Facebook Ads. 

Here's What You'll Receive When You Join...

You'll gain access to the 4 Part Immersion Style, Clients Come to You Training program that will be delivered over the next 2 weeks, packaged nice and neat inside a Members Area you can access at your convenience. 

Each week, you'll get access to the new training modules to creating Ads that get you consistent clients month after month...  

Once you go through this program, you'll be able to simply and effectively build Facebook ads that bring in clients creating a level of consistency in your business selling both your recurring and high ticket services. 

Here's How We'll Go Through the process together... 

Module  # 1: Laying the Framework

This is our 30,000 foot view of what the goals, processes for your digital marketing business. 

We'll be diving into the psychological advantage to getting "clients coming to you" and how to capitalize on how to be the # 1 authority in your space. 

We'll be diving into how we're going to pull this off using Facebook Ads to our advantage. 

Module  # 2: Building the Hook

Inside this portion, we'll dive into your "hook" to create an offer that too good to ignore. 

One of the most important elements to ANY digital marketing campaign revolves around building an offer that scratches your prospects itch. 

We'll show you how it's done step by step in this portion of the training.

Plus, you can use this to help create "the hook" for your clients offers as well.  

Module  # 3: Building the Ads

In this portion of the training, we'll be diving into the Audiences for targeting your Ads. 

You'll see how we'll be approaching our Cold Audiences to get new potential clients into our world while also how we're building ads to our Warm audiences until they buy or die. 

Module  # 4: Scaling To the Moon

Once you've started seeing the results from ad campaigns, now it's time to shift into scaling those campaigns into new arenas. 

You'll see how we're able to take our results and duplicate them into other markets without ever leaving the house. 

This is how you can create your first products as well as additional services to provide others all over the world. 

Plus, When You Order, You'll Receive the Following Bonus

Clients From Groups

When you order before the clock strikes zero, you'll get this bonus training session called "Clients from Groups".

You'll see how to land service clients from using Facebook's latest push of Facebook Groups to build a know, like and trust factor inside your local market. 

YES! I'm Ready To Join!

Grab your spot for the "Clients Come To You" Facebook Edition class.  This class will be delivered over the next 14 days and will be delivered inside a Members Only area so you can consume at your convenience. 

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