How to Make a Bloody Fortune From The Affiliate & SEO Chaos


DP here with coffee in hand with the one of the mugs from a set my wife bought me years ago. 

It’s pretty massive and it says… 

“Think Positively and great things will happen.” 

While I’m a big believer in controlling ones thoughts, things don’t magically happen until one rolls up the sleeves. 

Case in point is all the chaos that’s ensued the last 12 months with all the updates we’ve seen. 

One doesn’t just “think” things will get better. 


We know that’s not gonna happen. 

But the question then becomes… 

What do I do?

I mean in the last 12 months we’ve seen an influx of AI tools and 3 major updates. 

Leaving a lot of people in the Affiliate-SEO world scramblin’ 

-> Presenting a HUGE opportunity. 

That’s going to make some an absolute bloody-fortune. 

And I can’t do it all. 

I’m up to my neck in work with my own affiliate stuff, running my own test, and selling my own products and services. 

But this is wide open and ready for the taking. 

Ready for it?

It’s the affiliate recovery service.

Or affiliate-boosting service. 

See, a lot of sites have been hit in the last 6-12 months and are needing someone that can take the bull by the horns with the new set of rules we’re playing with. 

Get ‘em back up and running turning a profit. 

Now, the cool part about this service based business is you’re not having to really do anything different from what you’re already doing. 

It’s not like you’re an accountant and fixin’ cars in the back. 

(Picture that for a second - getting grease all over the tax docs for our friends at the good ‘ole IRS!) 

No, you’re able to still run your own affiliate sites. 

While also building up a recovery-rankin’ service that helps other people. 

Where are these people you ask?

They’re all over the Fakebooks, inside the groups, and friends with you and I. 

But here’s the thing about all of this. 

You gotta know what to do first and foremost. 

Once you’re in the know, there starts to be this whispering about you (in a totally good way) 

That you’re the “go-to cat” that can make it all come together. 

Or you can be a greedy-bastard, keeping all the know-how to yourself for your own affiliate sites. 

Nothing wrong with that either. 

Bottom line. 

Gotta know the new rules we’re playing with. 

That’s why tomorrow is such a big day. 

I’ll be letting the cat out of the bag at 11am EST with a new game plan.

You’re gonna wanna see this one for sure. 

Derek Pierce

2701 Mall Dr. PMB 236
Florence,AL 35630

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