These Christian Bale Marketers Will Have You Cluelessly Chasin' Your Tail...

From: Derek Pierce

Let me start by saying that I’m a huge fan boy of Christian Bale as an actor. 

Any actor or actress that can completely flip the script to look or sound unrecognizable gets my respect. 

Most know him for his role as Batman. 

But he takes things to extremes in some of his other roles.

For example, in the Machinist, he lost down to about 100lbs and looked like a walking skeleton. 

And then played an overweight Vice President in Dick Cheney. 

Dude has got some massive, crazy, body transformations. 

What’s this got to do with building a business on the web? 

The thing is I see a lot of marketers doing the same kinda thing. 

I’m not talking about body transformations. 

I’m referring to the “expert” transformation. 

Yesterday, they were banging the drums about the awesomeness of crypto. 

Today, they act like they never even mentioned it.

And now it’s all about client-getting. 

Tomorrow, they’re an ads expert. 

Next, they’ll be recruiting you into AMWAY! 

Not knocking it. 

But you don’t wanna get spread too thin and sucked into all the nonsense. 

For example, you don’t wanna go to the guy that does accounting, has a taxidermy side hustle, and fixes lawn mowers in the garage at night. 

You know there’s only so much band width. 

For me, I like stuff that will compliment my overall approach. 

And for me that’s an SEO base with a focus on affiliate marketing. 

Whether its building out blog post that can bring in evergreen leads and the green stuff, cranking out videos, or getting leads to the newsletter. 

All of these complement the overall approach… 

Tomorrow, I’m going to reveal something I’m extremely bullish on that I’ve neglected on the digital marketing front the last couple of months (for health reasons) but going all-in on moving forward. 

The reason dates back to a 2006-ish radio ad. 

Derek Pierce 

PS - If you’ve lost in the Crypto space, I feel ya.

Never invested a ton but what I did took a bloodbath. 

Over the years, I’ve had my share of losses in life from various business projects to relationships and business partners. 

Focusing on what you could've done or should've done can leave you in a negative spiral.

The best thing you can do is look for the lesson, acknowledge it,  then focus on something you can do today to move forward.

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