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Discover The Closely Guarded Framework That Ranks Single Pages for Hundreds, Even Thousands of Your Most Prized Keywords... 

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After going through the Content That Ranks System, You Will...

Create Content That Ranks Easily from our simple Framework.  You'll see the entire process from start to finish for scooping up hundreds of keyword rankings in no time…

Again all from ONE page or post.

See Exponential Results using our Keyword Surge Formula. This will show you how to expand your traffic for profitable keywords to go after so you can get the maximum results from your SEO with the least amount of effort. 

Have the Insider's Secret to Uncovering Your First Targets .You'll now know how to begin seeing profitability for your clients as well as for your affiliate campaigns. 

This takes away the stress of wondering what to go after first which cripples so many SEO’rs.  

Now, you’ll have an advantage of knowing and having complete confidence on what to target properly prioritizing your targets.  

Create Quick Wins for Your Affiliate Campaigns and Clients.   You'll see how we make simple tweaks to make an immediate impact.

Making quick adjustments for your clients or your own sites can mean the difference in struggling vs having campaigns that pull in hundreds of leads and sales every day. 

Create Content That Ranks On Autopilot.   This will show you the how to quickly automate your content allowing you to free up time and resources never wondering what to write or staring at a computer screen and without having to write a book.

You’ll see all the tools I use to make this run like a well oiled machine. 

Fast Action Bonus...

The Conversion Templates: 

These are my high converting templates so you’ll know how to position everything not only in a search friendly format but also from the standpoint to increasing sales and conversions.

It took me years of testing to get this dialed in and you’ll see exactly how to pull this off with your own site. 

Discover How to Setup Your Own Authority Bots to gain Top Rankings, Increase Your Brand, and Build Trust in the Search Engines!
Using Automated Software Easily and Safely...

After going through the Authority Bots training, you will... 

How to Setup Your Own Authority Bots to gain top rankings, increase your brand, and build trust in the search engines.

You’ll learn the first links we build, how to properly setup your bots to safely and effectively get links for any new piece of content you create across high authority social media sites. 

All working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

You can set these bots to work for you in multiple markets, for your local clients, month after month!

The Multiplier Method: You've heard the phrase "do something once and get paid over and over again"/

That's exactly what this is.  You’ll see how we’re getting our content shared across our high authority social media properties without being glued to the phone or the computer. 

It's like having your own assistant but instead it's all automated by bots. 

Plus, it's super simple to setup. 

The Insider's Secret To Stacking: You’ll learn how we stack web properties to leverage your authority across multiple channels.  

This will help get your web properties indexed faster while injecting more power into each property. 

Safely and effectively. 

You'll see the Exact Tools I Use To Pull it Off.  The cool part about this?  

It’s not going to cost you anything to get this setup outside of a few hours of work.

The sites we’ll be setting up are 100% free.  The software we use is 100% free.  

Simply use my formula to put the bots to work in your favor. 

Bonus # 1: How to Automate Your Social Media in Minutes: In this training, I’ll show you how to completely automate your social accounts in 5 minutes or less.

The fact is you’ll often see these accounts that look like a ghost town. 

I’ll show you how to set this up so it runs for months with just a few minutes of setup.  

This is an additional service you can sell to your clients for $300-$500 per month and it takes minutes to setup. 

Bonus # 2: How to Exploit Google Assets to stack your keyword rankings.  

In this training, you’ll learn how we use Google’s own properties to our advantage to gain higher rankings for more keywords. 

YES! I'm ready to stop wondering which keywords to target, wasting my link building efforts, and struggling with content hoping for traffic... 

Give me your Content That Ranks Framework and Authority Bots Black Friday Bundle so I can systematically and easily explode my organic traffic for hundreds of my most sought after keywords increasing my traffic, leads and sales while using automated link building to build trust and authority.

Getting the maximum results, with the least amount of effort.

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For Black Friday - Only $99

You'll gain access to the Content That Ranks Masterclass and the Authority Bots Training for the low one time investment of just $99. 

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