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Lets Face It... 


Live Workshop Reveals How We Let AI Bots Do All The Heavy Lifting To Start and Scale Our Business Using This Brand New, Yet Simple Technology

The Best Part?  You now get paid to do it all while tapping into over 180 million users thats growing every day 

This offer expires in exactly....

From: Derek Pierce

Let me skip the formalities and jump right into the meat and potatoes of this letter.

All because I know the statements above are bound to ruffle some feathers. 

Here's the deets...

This week, OpenAI and ChatGPT finally opened the doors to the ChatGPT Store for their pro users. 

This is where you can make money within the platform with your very own custom GPT's. 

Here's the way it works....

You build a process inside ChatGPT which is incredibly super - simple to do... 

...And then you share it with the world.

You then get paid based on the people using your own GPTs.

But get this....

It's All Kicking off with 180 Million Users And Growing!

Since this is all brand-new and just opened. 

The opportunity is wide open. 

In 12 months, I fully expect, we'll be seeing people that have built 6 and 7 figure businesses from using this platform alone. 

The key to making it work is getting in and learning the processes before it's tapped out. 

If you look back at all the rich and successful marketers we've seen. 

What do most have in common?

I think we can agree that most see an opportunity, adopt it early on and run with it. 

That's why I'm putting together this special emergency workshop where I'll show you how to setup your very own Custom GPT's to build a business from.

We've already built a number of these for my affiliate SEO side of the business.  

It's All Kicking off with 180 Million Users And Growing!

So get this...

We're not just creating processes and systems, but we're also getting to share those with the world. 

And getting paid to do so.

That's where the opportunity really starts opening up.

Introducing the
Custom GPT Workshop

This is a brand new, live workshop where I'll be revealing how to build a digital marketing business or side hustle using Custom GPT's inside the ChatGPT Store.

You'll see how to make this work for....

Affiliate marketers

Local Marketers and service providers

Coaches and product creators

Here's How to Participate

This will all go down live on Friday, January 19th

But if you can't make it - it will all be packaged up nice and neat inside our members area so you can go through it at your own convenience. 

Again, it's all brand new stuff that I've never taught - because this is all on a brand new platform. 

Inside this class, you'll be looking over my shoulder explaining how to build your very own Custom GPT's for profit. 

...we'll build some of these out live on the class. 

It's super, duper easy. 

So, if you're like me and don't know a lick of code - don't worry about it. 

This is the equivalent to giving you the Konami cheat code. 

It's why I'm holding this training in the first place...

See, I'm going to be diving into this head first because it fits my business model perfectly. 

For starters, these custom GPT's help perform a lot of different task especially in the SEO world. 

We've already began building but ramping it up. 

But there's at least 3 different "hidden" profit centers completely independent of making money from the GPT store that I'll be going through on this live class. 

Nobody is talking about these 3 additional areas you can tap into. 

Plus, let's face it. 

With almost 20 years of doing this digital marketing gig, I've never seen opportunity like what we're seeing with AI. 

That's why you should be on this call. 

The important details you should know. 

For starters, this is all brand new for ChatGPT users with a pro subscription - you'll need this to access the GPT store and get paid for your own GPT's. 

And since this all brand new stuff, I'm going to make this an absolute no brainer. 

Instead of paying $497 or even $297 - which would be an absolute steal. 

You'll not even pay $200

You'll be able to sit in this live workshop and get access to the replay to go through at your own pace for a measly $97. 

Plus, you'll get to use any of the Custom GPT's we build live on the class. 

And if that wasn't good enough - you risk nothing with our 30 day money back guarantee. 

So, in wrapping this up. 

Go ahead and jump on the inside by clicking the button below and it will take you to our secure server to reserve your spot in the Custom GPT's Workshop. 

You'll be glad you did... 

YES! I Want to Build My Very Own Custom GPT's and Implement The 3 "Hidden" Profit Centers Inside My Digital Business. 

Only $197 

When you join, you'll get access to the live class, plus we'll have all the recordings packaged up nice and neat to go through at your own pace once the live workshop is over. 


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