YES! I'm Read To Implement Your Evergreen Engine Strategy!

Once inside, I'll be able to register for the live workshop where you'll show me the ropes for setting up evergreen systems into my marketing campaigns. 

I'll be able to access the recordings and go back through the training at my own pace (as many times as I like.)   And as part of this special Black Friday offer I'm getting in at over 80% Off plus bonuses. 

Here's What You'll Receive When You Join...

The Evergreen Engine Class Modules...

Step # 1: Identifying Your Opportunity:

We'll dive into how to select the appropriate targets so you can leverage the power of evergreen marketing to the fullest. 

Once we identify what to go after, we'll create a new piece of content that we can leverage for both - paid ads as well as SEO. 

Step # 2: Setting It Up Into a Lead Machine

Here, we'll be using these content pieces strictly to generate leads and give them the ultimate "bribe" 

This is in turn going to plug them into our world where they'll be seeing us everywhere. 

Step # 3 : Setting Up the Evergreen Engine for Email

The big part of this system relies on getting leads and setting up the email systems to they'll work for us 24/7. 

You'll see how we're automating our marketing for the next 30, 60, and 90 days. 

And the best part is - you can do this to with your own products or selling other people's stuff through affiliate marketing. 

Step # 4 : Built for Omnipresence

Getting seen, heard and spotted at every major channel on the net is not that hard once you know how to set it all up. 

Plus, When You Order, You'll Receive the Following..

Fast Action Bonus : How to Build the Black Friday Digital Salespaper for Your Market

This is the most recent Inner Circle training call I did where I explain how to setup a Black Friday sales paper that you can leverage to make massive commissions on. 

NEW Fast Action Bonus : Simple Evergreen Affiliate Funnels Training

This is a special Inner Circle "Only" training where I show you how to create a simple evergreen affiliate marketing funnel that will run for months on autopilot. 

About This Black Friday Special Offer...

This is a live "bootcamp" class where I'll reveal the entire process for building out highly profitable, evergreen campaigns that tap into SEO along with implementing email and paid ads to leverage your marketing efforts. 

Similar information is being sold for anywhere from $1,000 and up, some even $10,000.  

However, you're not going to pay anywhere near that. 

As part of this special Black Friday offer, I'm holding this tell-all, live class that will show you the inner workings of setting up the Evergreen Engine for a measly $49.

Derek Pierce

YES! I'm Ready To Implement Your Evergreen Engine System

Grab your spot to get my over the shoulder live training class for only $49. 

And add evergreen systems to your marketing to "do it once" and reap the rewards forever. 

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