Fake It Till Ya Make It?

You’ve seen it. 

I’ve seen it.

Everyone’s seen it and many are secretly rolling their eyes as it happens while they prey on some newbie wannabe guru. 

Rented mansions. 


The private jets. 

The whole 9. 

Does it work?

You betcha it works. 

But for most, it just feels a lil ‘icky. 

I’ve had webinars where I’ve hosted vendors and felt the need to go take a shower at the end because of this very feeling. 

True story. 

Had a webby lined up with a big name guy. 

Had 300 people registered and about 100 on live for that particular promo 

Built it up and on the webinar I caught something that was complete bull shit. 

He said something very, very telling...  

“I’ve never been hit with a Google update” 

Look, if you’re doing anything in the SEO world, there are going to be times when you drop. 

It’s not always going up. 

It just doesn’t work that way. 

Algo’s change in every aspect - paid ads, google, youtube - everything. 

If you’re naive to believe nothing changes, then you’re going to be in for a huge wakeup call. 

That’s the fake it till you make persona playing out in real time. 

So once I ended the webinar, I never sent out a replay. 

Cost us both a lot of dough. 

But this is the kinda stuff you’re seeing. 

So, how do you stand out when one person just ups the ante with more bs like this. 

“I got 20,000 sites ranking making 1.2 billion…”

“I got 21,000 sites ranking making 1.3 billion…”

Do you then up it even more?

Nah. There’s a way better approach. 

Something that's 100% unique.

How about being honest? 

Years ago, I was scared shitless that everyone would find out my deep, dirty secret. 

And I hid it for a long time. 

You know what that was?

That I had failed previously, got audited by the IRS, and owed over $100K in credit cards. 

I never wanted any of that to surface. 

Our natural instinct is to always be right, look perfect, and never let anyone see the warts.

But guess what… 

I started to own my mistakes. 

I started to admit where I f’d up. 

And that did something I wasn’t expecting. 

It made people respect me more. 

Now, when I get on a call with someone, they're asking about certain things with real estate or a story I’d told years ago. 

One big product launcher reached out to confess he was in a similar hole and wanted to know how I got out. 

So, the bottom line here is… 

Don’t do the whole fake it till ya make it angle. 

Even though it’s runnin’ rampant in the space, there’s a better way.

Just be real. 

If you’re just starting out - let that be your approach. 

If my memory is right, I think Pat Flynn used the term “crash test dummy” on his home page which is a clever way of saying… 

I ain’t got it all figured out, but I’m testing and I’ll share it with you. 

As a result, you’ll stick out. 

People will take note.

They'll appreciate your honesty and allow you to tap into something way bigger than you ever imagined. 

Derek Pierce 

PS - The last few days I’ve been chatting about building trust, getting focused, and tapping into the right spot at the right time. 

I’m gonna be explaining how to make all of this come together very, very soon. 

Keep an eye out for the upcoming emails.

And if you've enjoyed this, then drop me a reply.  

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