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After going through the Five Ten Formula System, You Will...

Design your very own Five Ten Campaign for bringing in 5 figure campaigns from sending simple emails.

We've all heard everyone tell you 'money is in the list' and as a result, email is getting more and more competitive. However, everyone is doing the same 'ole things.

That's why it's time to stand out from your competitors while implementing a precise, effective plan of attack that gets results like none other.

This is the rare look at how you can compete with some of the big boys with monster sized list even if you have a small list and suck at writing.

This works if you're an affiliate marketer, selling your own products or services, and even if you don't currently have a product to sale (I'll show you how we overcome that one).

And did I mention - you're able to pull this off working less hours.

You'll learn how to get your audience worked up into a "fever pitch" looking for your next move. Once you follow our formula, when you open the doors, they'll be worked up and excited to buy without being weird, annoying or risking loosing the connection with your audience.

Imagine... being able to press send knowing your list will respond

Component # 1 The Discovery Phase

You'll learn how to peak your audience of a potential problem in their business that many don't even know they have.  

You'll see the process we use to not only introduce a problem but also to create a connection with your audience to build the 'know, like and trust factor' in the fastest time frame possible. 

If you make the mistake to just blast emails away like most do, you’re only getting a fraction of your potential while also hurting your overall reputation with your list. 

Next we move into what I call…

Component # 2 The Better Mousetrap

You'll see how we introduce the solution to the problem building what we discussed from our discovery phase. 

The introduction is critical to the campaign and if pulled too soon, you'll lose your audience. I'll show you the right way to make the first introduction in a cool, natural way without being pushy or salesy.

Creating a rush of buyer excitement.

Component # 4 The Rebuttal

You'll learn the 'straight up', yet highly effective approach to handling objections and concerns from your audience while simultaneously creating unique, and different angles to promote the product  

Most will make the mistake of just emailing the same ‘ole crap over and over again, thinking they’re going to beat it into their list. 

There’s a better way to do it and it's how I've been so effective using email with affiliate marketing and selling my own stuff…

Next, we venture into what I call the… 

Component # 5 FOMO

In this part of the training, you'll see exactly how we build our campaigns to emphasize urgency. 

The fact is there’s nothing on the planet that will get people to move more than creating a deadline or seeing a timer clock on a page. 

We’re currently using 3 different types of deadlines to create urgency and get people to move depending on the products we’re promoting. You'll see the exact process we take when we're getting ready to close down a campaign. 

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