How I'd Get Clients

First and foremost… 

I’m not really into client getting from the standpoint of doing all the work for someone. 

Not my gig. 

So, when I say clients for me - it typically means someone joining one of my courses or coaching programs. 

…But it could easily be modified to getting someone in the door for your services. 

Here’s the way a typical funnel works. 

For starters… 

Give away a freebie in exchange for emails 

Then schedule a time for a “strategy session” which is nothing more than a glorified sales call. 

This has been popularized from the Coaches coaching coaches to coach more coaches. 😂

You seen it. 

We’re all on the same list and probably getting hit with the same exact ads. 

There’s just one issue with all that. 

…because this is all marketed as “freebies” 

Often times, the show up rate for these calls is atrocious. 


They’re not super serious yet. 

I’d rather have a fraction of the leads but have people that have skin in the game. 


I’d rather they would have spent something. 

So here’s how it would work. 

Instead of giving them something as a freebie

…you’d sell them something up front.

This would help you offset your ad budget. 

But also get a much more qualified person to work with.

In your training or course, you’d make mention of taking it to the next level which could be a chat, call, or scheduling a session. 

Then you follow up using emails. 

Those that don’t buy your service, can always then be funneled into affiliate promos or cross promoted to a more expensive course you have or plan to have in the future. 

And I’d niche the hell outta it. 

For example. 

Suppose I’m a hot shot SEO’r specializing in the legal space. 

I’d write up a red-hot report or video case study about how attorneys can get freebie leads from Google. 

This training would be nothing more than how they could capitalize on Google My Business (aka Google Business Profile)

I’d pull the curtain back on the whole shebang and expose all the industry secrets from links to CTR manipulation. 

But, in the training, I’d make several references to taking a shortcut and 

…just letting me just do it for you. 

Follow up emails would be the same thing.

At the end of the day, they’re semi qualifying themselves by just investing something. 

These are worth soooo much more than any other lead you’ll get. 

It’s why you see many of the guys launching over and over again, month after month in the biz-opp space. 

They get fresh buyer leads. 

…Then they can make offers to those leads over and over again. 

The cool part about it all?

You don’t need a lot to make it worth while. 

Yet it can be life changing. 

It’s why I’m going to hold a tell-all class about building your first offer and using AI to help you along the way. 

Mark this. 

We’re going live on Friday at 10AM EST 

Derek Pierce 

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