Finally Revealed: Insider Training Reveals The Astonishing Short-Cut Secrets To Total Mastery Of The Notorious GSA Search Engine Ranker

Now You Too Can Quickly Build Links, Gain Authority, And Scare The Living Hell Out Of Your Competition!

Dear Friend, 

If you're tired of the build it, then wait 'n see game most of the fat cat, yuppie, big-city speakers are advising you. 

Then this is the opportunity for the hands on, ass-kicking that can change everything for you with this brand new bootcamp style, live virtual event.

This has got me all worked up to the point the words are flowing faster than I can type. 

Here's the story

During one of my last training calls, I was getting the mic and video all setup to make sure everyone could hear me before we started the presentation.

When one of the attendees, Daryl, ask a question... 

I Opened My Mouth, Then All Hell Broke Loose!

I started talking and looked down inside the comments of the chat bot. 

Everyone was blown away. 

It was the adrenaline and excitement of what I was explaining and showing on camera, I didn't notice the timer rolling over to the 46 minute mark and I hadn't even pressed record. 

That's when I instructed everyone we had to move on to the prepared presentation for the day. 

It was then followed up with the following comments:

"Do this training next week"

"Take my money now - I want you to continue this GSA talk next week" 

"I'm down if you do the GSA class next week"

Which is exactly what I did. 

And now I'm extending this special invitation to get your hands on this super rare, training where I explained how to go from zero to hero using the most badass, link building software on the planet. 

Introducing GSA Search Engine Ranker Mastery

This is the type of stuff I love to share because it trashes the pompous assholes in the SEO smug teaching leveling the playing field. 

Exploiting their helplessness of getting real results from non-SEO types. 

Inside these recordings, I walk you through this process from start to finish together

It's been highly praised from those that went through the live sessions as well as those that have went through the recordings.

This is the most in-depth, specific and complete training you will find for GSA SER that you will find anywhere, at any price!

- John Flynn

That means after watching this training, you're going to go from beginner to GSA Ninja master even if you're new to GSA and I'll help you along the way

Speaking of being new, if you've been around the block already, you probably need to forget what you've been taught about the software, because chances are good that it's all wrong or just complete HORSE SHIT! 

I hate to say that but it's true and it's got me fired up hotter than whore in church on Sunday. 

Once You Go Through This You'll Be Able To...

Copy My Exact Process for rapidly building links using GSA SER. 

You'll see the entire process from start to finish for building links, adding diversity to your link building, while kicking your competition's ass. 

All using the swiss army knife of all link builders - GSA Search Engine Ranker. 

Implement DP's Unique Multi-Tiered Strategy

You'll not just see the campaigns and get the exact framework to plug 'n play, but more importantly I'll explain the strategy behind it all. 

You know... 

The "why we do what we do" 

The Little Known Content Formatting Tweaks To Set You Up For Maximum Gains 

I don't see anyone discussing these nitty gritty tactics that are all based around the formatting of your backlink's content that when positioned properly... 

Gives you more "juice" from your backlinking campaigns so they carry more weight and in turn getting your more pops that set you up for higher rankings for additional keywords.   

How to Create Content for Your Backlinking Campaigns 

Creating content for your backlinking campaigns is way different from anything else.  Do too little and you'll not see the results you'd hoped for. 

Do too much, then you're wasting valuable time.

I'll show you the perfect blend to get you up and running. 

How to Avoid The Critical, Fatal Mistakes With GSA

Most wanna just open up a software and press start. 

If you do that in this scenario, you'll never see any movement. 

As a matter of fact, there's a possibility you'll do more harm than good plus waste a lot of time.   You'll see all the setups and safeguards we put it to play so we can milk top rankings month after month. 

How to Steal Your Competitors Links Then Quickly Test the Waters 

You'll see how to uncover your competitor's links to see if we can build links of our own using GSA, test 'em, then re-use them over and over again. 

Having the ability to use these built-in links. 

Plus a whole lot more. 

Plus, You'll Receive The Following Bonuses When You Take Action Today... 

Bonus # 1: GSA Search Engine Ranker Campaign Templates

These are new and improved templates that will allow you to simply import the multi-tiered campaign and all you have to do is change out the url's and your details. 

Inside these templates, I've literally set the majority of everything for you. 

Value $497

Bonus # 2:  60 Days of Q&A and Help with your GSA Campaigns 

Once you join, you'll be given 60 days of email support to get feedback, help, and guidance on your GSA SER campaigns. 

Value $500

Bonus # 3:  One on One 15 Minute Strategy Call

I completely eff'ed this one and accidentally left this inside the members area and didn't plan on offering this. 

But my mistake is your reward.  

You'll get 15 minutes of 1 on 1 with yours truly to talk shop about your SEO, current projects, or getting the most from GSA

Value $500

Here's the thing... 

In 15 years of doing this SEO and testing just about every software on the planet - GSA Search Engine Ranker is the most complete tool on the planet (even thought it doesn't have a monthly fee and is relatively inexpensive). 

With that being said, you need real direction, real guidance on how to put it all together and work a systematic approach to ranking in 2024. 

All because just opening this up and blasting is going to do more harm than good. 

This is all about the strategy behind it and how to use it.

That's why everyone demanded I do this training in the first place. 

Most know the power of using the software yet they need the fine-tuning and systems in place to pull off profitable, rank-able campaigns. 

And I've decided to do this as a real bargain with a one time investment of just $497. 

You'll get 15 years worth of tried and true strategy from someone that's gotten their hands dirty using the tool every single week for the last several years. 

Plus, you get all the bonuses which one includes full email support for the next 60 days so you can ask your most pressing questions with GSA making sure you're runnin' and gunnin' at peak levels, avoiding all the guesswork. 

Making this the best investment in your business. 

I mean, really... you stand to learn the secrets to humiliating your competitors while you leaven'em more confused as they whisper behind your back...

"I can't stand that guy"

Think about it... That's what we all want while you laugh your way to the top generating the coveted mailbox money. 

However, when you join GSA Mastery today, you want even pay the $997 price tag

I'm limiting the release of this program for a very short period of time as part of a test. 

That's why you're not going to pay $997. 

Or even $497

Not even $397. 

But today, you can get in for the one time investment of just $297. 

And I'll even make it easy on ya by allowing you to split it up into 4 payments of just $100. 

That's chump change especially considering how important links are and one bad move could wreck your results for years. 

Plus in addition, you're getting all the bonuses as well as my 30 day money back guarantee. 

Go through this entire program, and if you're not convinced this is the most badass training on the planet for building links in bunches, then let me know and I'll shoot you over a fast refund - no questions asked. 

However, I before we go any further, I need to warn ya. 

Important Details

First and foremost, and rather obvious, you'll need the GSA Search Engine Ranker software to be able to put these tactics into play. 

Secondly, and this is a biggie. 

No "Candy-Asses" and "Momma's Boy" types need apply. 

Using this software is all about pushing the boundaries of your link building, so I'll not even begin to entertain or answer the question about white hat or is this black hat link building. 

This was a live class that took part over 2 days and you're getting the recordings to those classes that have been packaged up inside a members area so you can go through the entire program at your convenience. 

Just one of the bonuses alone is worth more than the entire training. 

But you're getting access to the recordings, one on one help, email support for 60 days, plus I'm even kicking in my own campaign templates that are battle tested. 

It's a heckuva deal, but will not be around for long, so go ahead and grab your spot before the clock strikes zero. 

YES! I Want Your GSA Mastery Training!

I Want access to GSA Mastery and implement your link building frameworks with GSA Search Engine Ranker. 

I understand that I'm getting instance access to the training from the live class that was previously recorded with the strategies that are working for us in 2024.  I understand I'll be able to go through the program as many times as I like and go through this at my own pace.

As part of this special offer, get in today for the one time investment of just $297 and get all the bonuses that include DP's campaign templates, free 60 days of email support, and a free one on one 15 minute strategy session all in all making this a complete no-brainer.  

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