Don't Be Scared, Here's Your Chance To Unleash...


...On Google Using This Obnoxious, "Judo Like" Loophole For Damn Near, Guaranteed #1 Rankings

Dear Friend, 

If you're looking to gain a competitive advantage, start showing up for additional spots in Google, and scare the living bejeezus outta your competition. 

Then this letter is for you... 

I'll not tell rubbish like it's been simple or easy to find because in all reality - this has taken me an ungodly amount of trial and error to forge the path. 

However, if you can follow some step by step instructions. 

Then, you can use this approach for any niche, market, and approach you may be using for dominating your competitors in rankings.  

And I've got it laid out for you on a silver platter. 

It's almost like they...

Left the Back Door Wide Ass Open

It's actually like they left it opened, invited you in, and prepared you dinner.

This loophole is something I'm not sure how long will be open but right now... 

It's yours for the taking for those that follow my simple process.

See we're using the almighty strength of the Search Giant Google against themselves to be #1 on the web's most recognized search engine, take up multiple spots, ranking for additional keywords, and doin' it without worrying about any potential blowback. 

Here's the deets...

Inside these over the shoulder, training videos I'll show you exactly how to use this judo-like approach getting #1 rankings from the 100% free service called Google Sites.  

The fact is they never imagined their own product being used to self-defeat but that's exactly what we're doing! 


It's Bound to Strike Sheer Horror In The Eyes Of Your Competition!

Get this...

You can build as many of these as you want... 

Take up additional spots in the search engines leavin' 'em scratching their head wondering what in the world just happened. 

And I'll show you how to get the results you deserve in this training I call the GSG Roadmap. 

Aka "Google Site Gold" 

The cool part about it?

Once you follow the roadmap, you can set it all up in your favorite, comfy chair sipping your favorite brew, or while hangin' out at your favorite pub. 

It's literally that simple. 

What's inside?

This is pulled from 2 private members only trainings I held for my active Inner Circle members showing them how to use Google Sites to take over the search results. 

If you have an active Inner Circle membership, then you've already got the hookup. 

This consist of 2 training videos that will only take you a couple of hours to go through showing a complete setup of a Google site plus an inside look at the exact backlinking campaigns as well.

You'll be able to...

  • Create profitable affiliate sites that make sales without needin' to know any coding or a 'casting a spell'.  If you can point and click - these are easy to setup. 
  • Protect your own brand by having an additional, yet free site that has all the power you need to rank. 
  • Use this as part of your own Reputation Management package to help clients stay in front of negative news, bad press, or even the sites that steal your products.
  • Get 100% free traffic from the web's # 1 Search Engine.
  • Forget having to buy domains, researching aged domains, hosting fees or anything like that.  Simply create a free Google account to start building these free websites.
  • Get top results without having to be on video and without uploading anything to Youtube.
  • Implement Link Building Campaigns that get you ranked specifically for Google Sites.

Proof Positive This Works

All You Need Is Just 1

No joke. 

While you can use these for any niche or any type of search campaign.

I've personally used these secrets to build out Google sites that rank for product launch names, review terms, and terms that have extreme buyer intent. 

And all you need is just to rank one affiliate term to make 100x your investment many times over. 

As a matter of fact, I've grown quite found of the GSG Roadmap methods and even consider it to be "fun", probably because I'm creating something - all using free sites and some pretty obnoxious link building tactics. 

Once you use this, you'll probably be called some "not-so" nice names while people will wonder how this even works in 2023 when all you hear is  "white hat" propaganda.

The secret is we're using one of the search giant's weapons against itself! 

There's nothing spooky about it...

Because we can push some boundaries with automated software specifically for Google Sites. 

And now you can too. 

Heck, you owe it to yourself to arm yourself with this one of a kind opportunity. 

Without my roadmap, you'll be wasting away weeks and months when you can get the plan handing to you on a hot plate and ready to implement in just a couple of hours. 

Using AI Has Made This a Breeze

For starters... 

The only thing you're out here is time when you build these out. 

...and you can build as many as you like. 

But AI has made it even simpler. 

No longer do you have to wait on content or create content.

Simply, pop in my AI SEO System sheets to build out your content in bulk. 

Or prompt the heckoutta ChatGPT. 

And bad-uh-bing. 

You're now up and running like a well-oiled machine. 

Here's where this gets good though...

If you've ever been a little squeamish on pushing links or getting going with SEO. 

Then pop in a GSG campaign. 

If you've already got a money site built, but wanna test some different linking strategies. 

Pop a GSG campaign. 

It's the perfect way to build additional properties as well as use these for additional links. 

All super safe because these sites are coming from Google's own system. 


For starters, I don't know how long this 'ranking loophole' will be opened... 

Which is why you should take advantage of this right away, go through it. 

Then leverage it to it's fullest. 

You can go through the entire program in just a couple of hours and have your first site setup in even less time! 


Don't even start with the "Black Hat vs White Hat" chatter. 

If you're asking these kinds of questions, then you need to bounce right away as I can tell you this wouldn't be a good fit. 

I'm not asking you to do anything illegal or anything weird like that.

...however our link building that is taught in this program is not considered white hat method by any stretch of the imagination.

I'm not even disguising it with a pretty mask. 

If that doesn't upset you then here's the final warning...

These videos are not the most super polished videos I've done.

It'll only take you a couple of hours to go through, but look... 

I didn't put on my Sunday best for these. 

What I mean is, you're not gonna find me in a suit and tie, polished hair, and a million dollar smile. 

Nor did I edit them to perfection - these are RAW showing you all the nitty gritty details of exactly what to do. 

And You Can Do This Without The Normal Fuss

  • Without having to buy hosting - there's no hosting needed... All because we're using a simple Google Site that's hosted by Google! 
  • Without having to tinker with plugins, coding, or complexities - Google Sites are literally drag and drop... 
  • Without buying a domain name... Since we're using Google Sites, we're not buying domain names.
  • Without worrying about getting "slapped."  If you want to push the boundaries - then this is it. 

We're Talking "Easy Breezy"

And with this special offer and as you'll see there's nothing to be afraid of.

Even with a $500 price tag.

Just one Google Site ranking can easily make you 10x's your investment. 

However, since you're reading this, you're not going to pay anywhere near that. 

Not $500

Not $297

Not even the $197 regular price.

Since you're reading this... 

I'm going to do a solid and get you the hookup at 80% off. 

That means for a limited time, you can get in on the GSG Roadmap for the measly amount of just $39

No monthly fees, just a flat thirty-nine bucks. 

And it will get you on the inside...

So, you can watch it as many times as you want.

Get your bucket of gold from profitable SEO rankings

All you have to do is get started by investing in the GSG Roadmap today. 

Because I promise you this will not be around for long.

Special 80% Discount Expires Soon...

YES! I'm ready to start leveraging Google Sites to my advantage at the ridiculous 80% off discount. 

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Derek Pierce