"Crooked" Politicians And Masters Of The Universe Accidentally Expose The Single Biggest Digital


New Loophole That Can Help Even Brand Spankin' New Marketers Leverage Youtube, The # 2 Search Engine, For Instant Traffic

Dear Friend, 

If you'd like to exploit Youtube to gain laser targeted traffic, gaining placement for your most prized keywords without wasting money on ads, then this brand new step by step, system will show you how. 

Here's the story...

On a hot summer day at the beach, I'd opened up my laptop to catch up on some work and... 

I couldn't believe what I was seeing... 

It was this video and report with some pretty damning data for then presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

And no, I'm not about to get political here as this helped me fine-tune a damn-near, foolpoof strategy that anyone can replicate. 

The report and video exposed something extremely "weird" going on with search trends. 

Here's what I mean... 

If you looked at Google Trends, you'd see a huge spike in search for terms like "Hillary Clinton Investigation" or "Hillary Clinton Criminal" 

When this happens, Google's autosuggest feature kicks in on future searchers.

However, in this case...

The DATA Didn't Add Up! 

First, think about how damaging that could be to a candidate or even company... 

When you do a simple Google search for their name and it autopopulates "criminal", "scam", or "indictment."

It's not a good look. 

That's why I was completely shocked...

Because there wasn't a single one of these terms that were being auto-suggested by Google despite the fact that "trends" was showing a huge uptick the previous 90 days. 

Immediately, I thought  "someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes."

As I dug in...

That's when the lightbulb went off...

What if We Could Manipulate Google's Own Suggested Terms to our own liking?

I got to work testing. 

My goals was to have my brand attached to the keywords we were targeting. 

For example, I'd love to have it so when someone typed in Affiliate Marketing or SEO my name would automatically be suggested inside Google as a suggested term. 

"SEO Derek Pierce"

"Affiliate Marketing Derek Pierce"

And if we wanted we could get really crafty with it. 

"SEO Derek Pierce Course"

"Affiliate Marketing Course by Derek Pierce"

These autosuggested searches would create a powerful influence that automatically creates trust allowing me to sell more products, services, and make more affiliate sales. 

I began to run countless tests. 

Investing in multiple resources and I coudn't wait for the day to see it all come together. 

There was just one problem.

It Didn't Work!

I was super bummed about it. 

However, to my surprise something strange happened that was completely unplanned that led to a huge uptick in traffic, more exposure, and more affiliate sales. 

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 

After double and triple checking, I saw my placements in the search engines jump. 

Page 4 to Page 1. 

Page 7 to Page 1. 

Page 8 to Page 2. 

The crazy part?

I hadn't built a single link. 

Immediately, I began testing multiple versions of this strategy and ultimately..

Cracked The Code for Snagging The Top Spot in Youtube in A Matter of Days! 

As you're probably already aware, Youtube is now the # 2 search engine in the world that is owned by the # 1 search engine - Google. 

Using this strategy, you can easily leverage the traffic from Youtube from having the top placements for your most coveted keywords. 

I lay it all out, step by step in what I call the...

Hillary Formula: Youtube Edition

This isn't a lot of water down, bull shit tactics. 

Instead it's a concise plan of attack that consist of a PDF and a video walking you through the entire process. 

Once you go through this you'll Be Able to...

  • Implement the Fast and Highly Effective Framework to claiming your most prized keywords inside of Youtube in a matter of days (sometimes in as little as a few hours) 
  • Quickly determine which keyword targets bring the most traffic, leads, and sales 
  • Build Trust in the eyes of Youtube, instantly making your Youtube channel more authoritative in the marketplace (this helps with your future videos as well)
  • Get up and running the same day of going through the program. 

Plus, You Can Use This Strategy for Your Websites... 

While the Hillary Formula is designed for rapid results inside Youtube, this can also be an effective method for ranking websites inside Google (the results can sometimes take longer - it's still highly effective). 

That's why I'm going to include the Website-Ranking templates so you can copy and clone the Hillary Formula for your own websites, client websites as well as utilizing Youtube videos.  

Here's the Deal...

This isn't going to make you an "SEO Ninja" or "Hot-Shot" video marketer. 

Nor is it an A-Z 'how-to' outlining all the ways we utlizie video in our overall affiliate business.  

Instead, the Hillary Formula is a specific strategy designed to get you rankings inside of Youtube for the keywords you're going after.

You'll get the video, the PDF templates and instructions laying out what to do.  

The investment in the program is $199. 

Before you take the plunge, I need you to realize. 

There are no refunds under any circumstance - I'm not going to start pandering to people that need a guarantee to make an investment in their business.   If that offends you, then it's best you don't buy. 

On the other hand, if you're ready to start seeing results, then simply click the order button and it'll take you to our secure checkout page where you'll be up and running by the end of the day. 

See you on the inside... 

Derek Pierce

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