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I'm Looking to Help You 

Take YOUR Business To the NEXT LEVEL

If you're ready to take this to the NEXT LEVEL...

I want to personally help you implement my strategies for getting higher rankings, more traffic, lead flow, and make more money. 

And I'll even personally help you along the way to make it happen... 

Here's How to Get My Battle Tested Strategies For Bigger, Better, And Faster Results Plus Getting Live Help Along The Way... 


Derek Pierce here and today I'm going to cut right to the chase... 

If you're reading this then I know for a fact that...

You'd like to skip over the years of hard knocks, avoid penalties, and see what's actually working to get more traffic, leads, and customers.

All while working less. 

I also know for a fact that I can help you with that... 

See I've been at this shindig for 15+ years.

I built a business from Below Zero, as I had over $100,000 in credit card debt alone. 

My core business has been building affiliate marketing websites and I've also taken on multiple clients that hired me through the back door to pull off what they thought was the "impossible".

These have included multiple seven figure business owners, best selling authors, thought leaders as well as local businesses.  

See, I've built systems, tested all types of different strategies to get results for not only myself but also ones that work for clients.


I No Longer Take On Clients...

I don't have to. 

You shouldn't either. 

You deserve to live the life and build the business you've desired and rightfully deserve.

But the ones that did secure my services had nothing but glowing praises because I did the unthinkable. 

Take a look at the Google Analytics of the LAST client and notice the traffic 

That's 24,000 Sessions to 124,274 Sessions in Google Analytics.

I know that's old, but again - this was the last client I took on all because I found a better way. 

Regardless, something like this is pretty pricey even before Bidenomics kicked in.

This client was cool but I had bigger and better things to do.

Despite that, they paid me in excess of $50,000

Others have paid me $20,000 just to look over their SEO. 

That's the demand for the skillset that I posses. 

It's there if you want it. 

But as I said, I moved from client work to building my own assets that pay me commissions daily. 

I showed you the "client" results because you may have an agency or sold on the agency model... 

If so I know for a fact I can help you get the results for your clients so you can focus on scaling your agency but ultimately help you move into getting more of the "mailbox money"...

You know what I'm referring to

The kind you build once, then reap the rewards from it for months and years to come. 

Then if you wanna take on a client - well you're in the driver's seat. 

I'll explain a little later on how you can profit from my strategies without paying anywhere near these kinds of fees yet you can use on your own. 

The more passive income stream I'm referring to is with Affiliate Marketing like what you see below...

Affiliate Marketing For the Win...

While the client work can be very lucrative and highly profitable. 

It comes with a level of stress that many don't see until it's too late.

It all revolves around "CLIENTS"

Yes, the one thing you've got to have. 

They can be a major pain in the ass. 

That's why my goal in this program is to help you transition into a passive income stream that's repeatable month after month, allowing you to scale without the stress and headaches of clients.

No more demanding phone calls. 

No more taking an appointment when you really don't want to. 

And having the ability to say 'No Thank You' with pain in the ass clients without worrying about losing money. 

Here's how you can profit from my tests without paying my high fees.

I document my processes, strategies, and advanced tactics inside my Inner Circle Group Coaching. 

It's designed to help you with your own affiliate marketing campaigns and also be able to demand your own high ticket SEO services from your clients... 

I've created the processes. 

Tested it. 

And delivered it to you on a silver platter, while also helping you along the way. 

Inner Workings from Case Studies

For example, this is a recent case study I've done just for members on a simple local site that a buddy of mine has... 

This is a static local site with your typical 5 pages for a service based business. 

That never gets updated...

But get this... 

Just one client for this business can pay thousands of dollars. 

When we started the test, they were showing up on page 5-7 for 9 keywords.

The challenge was using ONLY
100% free sites that were all automated

As you can see, we're continuing to climb. 

In just 3 short months, we've made some serious movements now just outside of the top 10 for several of these keywords and showing up for additional terms. 

But get this... 

It's Been 100% Hands Free

And this is your invitation to join me on the inside...

Where you can not only see this recent case study but also get actionable tactics you can use in your business. 

However, this backdoor link is not going to be around for long as this is solely for a special test I'm running for Black Friday... 

Once on the inside, you literally see what I'm testing first hand for you to replicate. 

We're talking the stuff that no one else shares. 

The good and the bad. 

The white hat along with a bit of dark-lording with your link building. 

Let's talk turkey and lemme explain why this is hands down the best investment you can make this Black Friday. 

Here's Everything Your Getting Today with Over $9,976 Value

Component # 1: The 30 Day SEO Blueprint

Here's what this will do for you... 

This will hand you over the foundational, holy grail to building your site from scratch into an authority powerhouse that gets top rankings, gets you in front of your customers, and more money.

You'll never have to worry if you're doing too much or too little because we'll give you a step by step blueprint - even if you're brand new and just starting out.

  • How to avoid from getting sandboxed from your new sites that could paralyze you for months
  • The Step by step action plan on what to do the first 30 days, tracking your progress and how to move forward building on your momentum.
  • You'll see how we stack our links to build authority from "free" websites that build authority, trust, and rankings in the search results.

Component # 2:

Complete PBN And Automated Link Building Strategies

You'll see everything you need to start building a PBN and creating your own link building campaigns that gets you results for yourself and clients.

All while staying safe and making more. 

Plus, you'll see my link building processes for "churn-n-burn" campaigns and how integrate tools like GSA into the mix.

To build automated links while also staying as safe as humanly possible. 

Some of the rankings I've attained using what everyone tells you to avoid... 

Well, I've been able to enjoy for years!  

It's all because of how I structure my campaigns. 

  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls SEO'rs fall for when buying and bidding on domains with a PBN
  • The exact, step by step process for setting up your Private Blog Network to stay under the radar.  We'll break everything down - hosting options, IP's, and the registration process
  • How to uncover, find quality domains that will give your sites the power they need to rank without breaking the bank. 

Component # 3: 

On Page Optimization Strategies 

Part of the winning combination is knowing how to structure your content and more importantly knowing how to approach your... 

Specific market. 

All markets are different. 

Which is why this next component is so critical. 

You'll see how we utilize AI to our advantage for speed to crank out winning content every day with ease. 

Component # 4: 

Repurposing Secrets for Massive Traffic

I don't have a huge team. 

However, I utilize tools, systems, and processes to get more done in less time. 

For example... 

1 Video I create can turn into 10-20 different pieces of content without lifting a finger to feed all the different platforms. 

And that's what I want to show you in the process - get you systems that you can crank out driving crazy amounts of traffic. 

Component # 5: 

Ongoing Advanced Strategies Every Month

This is big...

When you join, you'll get to sit in on 2 live training sessions every month to help guide, navigate you through all of the ongoing updates and how to make adjustments to your campaigns. 

Plus, this is the time to get live help with your digital marketing campaigns. 

And if you're unable to attend you'll be able to catch the replay inside the members area to go through at your own pace as many times as you like. 

Get the Edge with my... 

Game Winning Bonus Package

I want to make this a no brainer and arm you with everything you need to take your business to the next level. 

That means if you're starting out - I want to arm you with the strategies that can help you jumpstart your business right from the beginning or... 

If you're already successful, let's work together to get exponential results you can count on.

Plus, I'm going to essentially bribe the hell outta you to get you on the inside. 

Bonus # 1: SOAR Formula
($5,000 Value)

SOAR is my flagship program that I have for sell that's continuously updated and added to. 

SOAR gives you the foundation for creating winning affiliate campaigns, SEO domination, and allows you to do more with less work. 

You'll see how to capitalize on launch jacking but also build more evergreen campaigns that pay you commissions daily, increase your reach, and build a profitable business. 

This program has never been offered as a bonus... 

Value: $5,000

Bonus # 2: Video Traffic Engine

This is the updated Video Ranking Formula that show you how to utilize video to take up additional spots in the search engines and tap Youtube for top rankings. 

The great part about it?

You don't have to be on camera. 

Value: $697

Bonus # 3: Big Ticket Branding Course

This is a training program I put together for those of you that need to manage a "brand" by controlling what's currently on the first page of Google. 

You can also use this for your affiliate campaigns to take up more than one spot. 

This is getting a bird's eye view of myself logging into the sites, buildin' em out, then step by step how I integrated the links. 

You literally see everything so you can copy and clone exactly what I'm doing. 

Value: $697

Bonus # 4: Free Email Access to DP

When you become a member today, you'll have access to my personal email to ask questions and get advice on anything I'm qualified to talk on.  

It can be selling your product, service or launching a new affiliate campaign.  You'll have my eyes and ears to help guide you through the trenches. 

Value: $2997

Don't Take My Word For It...  

Listen to This...

This Is Important...

The pricing you see on this page is part of a special marketing test I'm running for Black Friday

This will not be here forever.

And will not be repeated. 

As a matter of fact, if you wait around, there's a good chance when you come back the price will have increased and the bonuses removed.


Because this offer is technically a "big ticket" offer because of the value I'm dropping along with the personalized help. 

So, I recommend you grab a spot while you're here by simply ordering below. 

In addition, there are no pansy-ass refunds allowed.  

If you're needing a refund, then please do not buy.  

It's not for you.  

The strategies I share work (and I know they work firsthand) plus you're getting access to help you along the way with the live calls plus email access.

With that said. 

There's nothing like this anywhere.

We're talking about pulling the curtain back on the whole she-bang and you not only get a front row seat but you'll also be able to operate with 100% confidence in your approach. 

Picture this... 

You're able to simply copy the exact processes and systems that get you REAL, lasting results. 

Without having to tinker, without worry, having the complete know-how to pull it off in your niche. 

You seriously owe it to yourself to get on the inside, shaving years off the learning curve. 

Want in?

You know what to do... 

YES! I'm Ready to Take My Business To the Next Level with Derek Pierce's Inner Circle Group Coaching.

I'm ready to implement your proven traffic and digital marketing strategies so I can skip the guesswork and start creating profitable campaigns so I can build recurring revenue while also learning the skills that high ticket clients are looking for. 

Plus, I'm claiming access to all the bonuses as part of this special Black Friday offer. 

I understand this is a REAL special offer with no refunds or returns.  I will receive access to all of the training materials along with all of the bonuses that comes out to a measly $49 per month when paid annually.

$1997 Per Year
Only $49.00 per month (Billed Annually) Coupon Applied At Checkout

This is a No Brainer...

For the right person, this offer is a no brainer. 

  • Live Training Every Month. 
    You'll be able to tap into my systems along with me live calls every month to get help to overcome your roadblocks and giving you the road map to take your business to the next level - even if you're just starting out. 
  • Beginner to Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies. I'll show you some of my most advanced ranking strategies that are never talked about in the public with clear cut, Lego- simple instructions. 

In case you're like me and just scroll to the bottom... 

Here's the deal...

I've opened up the opportunity to get live help and I've put together my best training programs to get you jump started building your business so you can... 

Leverage my many years to skip the hard knocks, avoid the guesswork, and be able to confidently create a profitable business. 

If this is a fit for you, simply click the order button below. 

I look forward to seeing you on the inside...

Derek Pierce

YES! I'm Ready to Take My Business To the Next Level with Derek Pierce's Inner Circle Group Coaching.

I'm ready to implement your proven traffic and digital marketing strategies so I can skip the guesswork and start creating profitable campaigns so I can build recurring revenue while also learning the skills that high ticket clients are looking for. 

Plus, I'm claiming access to all the bonuses as part of this special Black Friday offer. 

I understand this is a REAL special offer with no refunds or returns.  I will receive access to all of the training materials along with all of the bonuses that comes out to a measly $49 per month when paid annually.

$1997 Per Year
Only $49.00 per month (Billed Annually) Coupon Applied At Checkout

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