It's Your Turn - Aight? 

One of things you’ll hear over and over again in this space is something like this… 

Find a niche-market. 

Then sell’em what they want. 

But often what you’ll see when people do this. 

The same people teaching that concept

…blast’em for not being an expert in the space. 

Think about it. 

These are the people you’re often learning from that often end up shaming you for doing the very thing they’re teaching. 

Or this… 

Guy launches every thing under the sun from crypto advice to lead generation to Facebook Ads to then NFT’s. 

Then bashes someone over jumping on trends

It’s the very definition of hypocrisy.  

You can’t make this shit up. 

The way I see it is simple. 

As long as you’ve got something people will exchange their money for… 

And it’s legit. 

Then sell it. 

Fuck the idea of needing approvals. 

Fuck the idea of needing a pretty logo. 

Fuck the idea of needing a certification program. 

Don’t stress about it - just start selling it. 

Gotta get over yourself. 

Here’s what I mean. 

Every time I focus on me and my shortcomings - my customer base and potential customer base suffer. 

If I think I have to drive a new car, buy a big fancy house, or pop a milly in the bank. 

All that focus is on the wrong things. 

It’s on DP. 

And as much as I love DP. 

It’s the wrong thing to look at. 

Instead, it needs to be focused on what I can do to service my customers better. 

Often when I see people that are afraid to pull the trigger on a new site, new offer, or selling their own products and services. 

They’re thinking too much in the “me” zone. 

Instead think about how you could service your customer better

… Or how can I service this group of people that’s not being fulfilled at the moment? 

Do you have a method that’s a shortcut that would save someone time, energy, or give them the ability to make life-changing money? 

If so, you’ve got the green light. 

DP has just given it to ya. 

You don’t need to be certified. 

Anointed from the Guru of Gurus. 

Tune out the noise and go all in on you. 

It’s your fucking turn. 

Derek Pierce 

From: Derek Pierce

2701 Mall Dr. PMB 236
Florence,AL 35630

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