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"Discover The Brand New 2022 Game Plan That Creates Multiple Streams of Income From Single Sites By Building Content That Ranks..."

YES! Give Me Your Brand New Optimization Secrets for Building Content That Ranks in 2022!

Dear Friend, 

If you're looking to create content that ranks automatically while pulling in hundreds, even thousands of your most sought after keywords from a single site, then this is going to be the most important message you read today. 

Here's why... 

As you know, the SEO game is always evolving. 

But the last 6-12 months has created an opportunity like I've never seen it before with the inclusion of automated tools and artificial intelligence. 

Bottom line... The Game Has Changed

Which has created a wildly, crazy opportunity.

It's made the game easier for those that know the "new" rules. 

While those that ignore it, are left scratching their heads wondering - "what do I do now?"

Here's the reason for this letter.

I want to show you the latest strategies, processes, and secrets to getting your content creation on steroids skyrocketing your sites to the top of Google. 

This is all brand new and taking into account the latest updates which is why I'm rolling out this brand training class that I've called the.... 

It's going to give you the keys to the kingdom for creating content that ranks for 2022. 

No bullshit. No theory. 

Just real world, hard hitting strategies for building and creating content that gets you and your clients results in the fastest time frame possible.

Once You Go Through This You'll Be Able To...

Create Your Content Plan That Ranks Easily Using My Simple Framework. 

You'll see the entire process from start to finish for scooping up hundreds of keyword rankings in no time…

Again all from a single website. 

Implement my simple Trifecta of Power 

Master these 3 simple processes and I'll assure you that you have more ranking power than 99% of the sites out. 

Plus, when I show you this sneaky approach using 100% free tools, you'll see how to turn these into evergreen pieces of content that you can use now and forever. 

See Exponential Results From Our Keyword Clustering Approach 

This will show you how to expand your traffic for profitable keywords to go after so you can get the maximum results from your SEO with the least amount of effort.

It's all about how to properly organize and setup relevancy with your site, content, and structure. 

Create Content That Ranks Using Artificial Intelligence.

You'll see how to quickly and easily automate our your content creation allowing you to free up time and resources never wondering what to write or staring at a computer screen and without having to write a book.

You’ll see all the tools and processes that I use to make this run like a well oiled machine.

Again, this is all brand new for 2022. 

Rescue Affiliate Sites From The Dead

Using our on-page strategies, you'll be able to quickly rescue affiliate sites from no-man's land for yourself or for your clients. 

This one skill will open the doors to service affiliates that are paying thousands of dollars per month to rescue and scale their affiliate SEO efforts. 

How to Identify Quick Wins and The New Approach to Taking Over

You'll see how to quickly identify your first quick wins (for yourself or your clients) so you can start seeing results as fast as possible 

Create Content That Ranks In Niches You Know Nothing About

You'll see our the exact process and structure so we're able to get quality content in niches you may know nothing about yet create content that passes copyscape and gets ranked inside the search engines. 

This is all brand new stuff that I've worked on and fine tuned to take advantage of all the recent changes we've seen.

Plus, You'll Receive The Following Bonuses When You Take Action Today... 

Bonus # 1: Audit Architect

Inside this training program, you'll see how to quickly audit your own sites or client sites to diagnose potential issues that could be preventing you from ranking. 

Typically, these are super easy fixes yet can cause real issues with the search engines.

Value $197

Bonus # 2:  1 (30 Minute) Site Audit & Strategy Session

Once you join, you'll be given a free 30 minute call where we'll dive into and audit your website pointing out any potential pitfalls along with where you need to be focused for your content creation. 

This session can be booked anytime this year at your convenience. 

Value $500

Here's the thing... 

In 15 years of doing this SEO and affiliate gig, I've never seen the opportunity so open for the taking if you're willing to follow a plan of attack and put in the work. 

There's a structure to it all and I'll show you how it all works for 2022 that you'll see inside this class that will have you creating highly rankable assets that you pay you for months and years to come. 

That's why we decided to make the investment in the Content Launchpad program an absolute "steal"

Just the one time investment of $697. 

And you get my 15 years of research, battle tested, and hard core testing frameworks handed to you on a silver platter so you can go out and build all the recurring revenue streams your heart desires. 

Plus, you get all the bonuses which one includes a 30 minute strategy session and audit of your website which is worth thousands of dollars because I literally could save you from costly mistakes that could potentially "hurt" your SEO or keep you from ever seeing anything before page 5.

In my opinion, this is the best money you can invest right now because I know...

Just one site. 

Just one page can bring that many times over.

Or if you're in the client game, just one client. 

Can earn you that investment back many times over.  

This is a skillset that you can utilize for months and years to come and start tapping into high ticket commissions and recurring revenue. 

However, when you join Content Launchpad today, you want even pay the normal $697 price tag

I'm wanting to get this into the hands as many people as possible because here's the deal... 

With the latest updates, a lot of people in hurting... 

Yet, with a few simple frameworks could literally flip the switch, and change the game. 

That's why you're not going to pay $697. 

Or even $497

Not even $297. 

But today, you can get in for the one time investment of $197. 

And I'll even make it easy on ya by allowing you to split it up into 2 payments of just $100. 

However, I'll warn ya.  

For starters, there's no refunds on this program - I know the systems and processes we've built work first hand and will work for you too.  

If you're ready to create your own plan of attack building out content that ranks for 2022, then go ahead and grab a spot by clicking the order button below and save the $500 by ordering today.

Plus, get the Audit Architect course as a bonus plug my 30 minute site audit and consulting call - all completely on the house.

YES! Gimme Your New Content Creation Strategies For Building Content That Ranks in 2022!

I Want To Enroll In Your Content Launchpad Masterclass and implement your brand new, entire content creation framework so I can build long lasting rankings, building authority, safeguarding my sites faster than ever before.  

I understand I'll be able to go through the program as many times as I like and go through this at my own pace

Only $697. As part of this special offer, get in today for the one time investment of just $197 and get all the bonuses. 

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