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Derek Pierce

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Discover How to Create, Automate And Be Everywhere Using this 100% Free Automated System

Here's Everything You're Getting When You Order the Brand Stack System Today

The Brand Stack Blueprint Book

Inside this book you'll get the foundation for building out brand stacks and see first hand how to use for full automation to take one piece of content and multiple it 15 times over. 

Upgrade to the Brand Stack Bootcamp Video Training

In addition to the training manual, I'm going to upgrade your package to include the entire video training so you can look over my shoulder to see exactly how to setup these brand stacks.  

Regardless, of your experience level, you'll be able to set it and forget it after going through the videos. 

Plus, I'm Throwing In The Following Bonuses to Make This the Most "No-Brainer" Offer On the Planet

Bonus # 1  Piggy Back Positioning

Instant traffic, leads, and gain authority while getting recognized from other authority figures in your market. 

This video will show you a recipe using the 100% free software to piggback on other authority figures in your market to build a following, gain REAL traffic, and build trust within the search engines. 

Bonus # 2: Content That Ranks Content Creation Templates

You'll see the content creation templates we use every time we start to build a piece of content. 

For every piece of content, it's got to have the proper framework or else it will never see any traffic from the Search Engine Gods no matter what we do. 

These templates will give you the very framework to pull off Search Engine friendly content that ranks. 

Bonus # 3: Content Conversion Template

Inside this template, you'll see how we structure our offers within our content to get the maximum exposure. 

This comes from years of split-testing multiple ads, calls to action, and offers inside various placements inside our content. 

Bonus # 4: Page One SEO Cheat Sheet

This is all the tweaks and preferred settings we build out our SEO affiliate sites as well as any client sites we take on allowing you to take your boring, no-traffic getting website into a SEO powerhouse. 

YES! Give Me Your Brand Stack Blueprint System! 

I'm Ready to Stop Spinning My Wheels and Instead Automate My Content Creation So I Can Get More Done While Building a Solid SEO Foundation!  

Today Only $27

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