DP's New Training Reveals How to Make 


Using His Launch Jacking System!

Ends In Exactly...

The cool part about this strategy is you can start right away...

  • Without Being a Guru or having a huge following
  • Without having an email list 
  • Withouth spending hours of keyword research
  • Without waiting for months wondering if your campaign is profitable. 

From: Derek Pierce 

Dear Friend, 

I'm about to hand you the gist of the system on... 


With the launch model becoming the go-to method for most of the digital marketing world, you can leverage these launches in your favor. 

Here's how it all works. 

  1. 1
    The Product Creator announces to the world they're about to launch the new wiz-bang product that's going to change the world. 
  2. 2
    Affiliates jump on the launch and mail to their list. (This is why you see the same emails from the majority of the affiliates)
  3. 3
    With all the same emails going out, many will turn to Google in an effort to find the best bonus, reviews, demos and the best price.
  4. 4
    That's where you can utilize DP's Launch Jacking System to get in front at the top of the search engines capitalizing on these new keywords.

And now you can take advantage of this opportunity using... 

Derek Pierce's 
Launch Jacking System 

Even though this started as a 5 day challenge last month, this turned into an 8 part video training that walks you through the ins and outs of Launch Jacking, how I approach these launches, the timeline, content creation. 

We're talking... 

The Whole Shebang!

All Geared toward the launch jacking process

To end 2020 with a bang, I've reopened the Launch Jacking System for 48 hours only at the special 80% off launch price, then it goes back to the full price of $397. 

Before, we dig into how to get your hands on this incredible training, I want to tell you something important. 

There's Abosultely No Refunds

When you pick up the training, you're getting access to the complete 8 part video training with the understanding that I don't do refunds under any circumstances. 

I know the training is good and I know the process works which is why I refuse to pander to the tire kickers looking to just test the waters. 

If that's you and you have to have a refund, then you might as well scoot to something else, cause this ain't it. 

Join Before the Clock Strikes Zero

Option # 1 - One Time Investment of $397  

Get the 8 part Launch Jacking System for the one time investment of just $397 $79.40


Option # 2 - Free With SOAR  

Get the Launch Jacking System when you join my SOAR Affiliate and SEO Training program plus get the following additional bonuses:

  • Our Tried and True Affiliate Marketing System for Long Term, Lasting Results
  • Beginner To Advanced SEO Training
  • Video Ranking Formula for leveraging Youtube and Google
  • Plus access to Derek's New Affiliate Program 

Get everything for the 1 time investment of $997 or 4 installments of just $297


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