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New Framework Revealed By SEO Insider Exposes Obnoxious Judo-Like Loophole for Gaining Top SEO Rankings!
And Best of All - You RISK Nothing! 

From DP 

Location: North of the Warrior River

You may think I've lost my mind with the crazy headline up there... 

However - I'm just beyond excited. 

...and I say obnoxious, judo-like loophole for a reason. 

See, in judo, the entire idea is to use your opponent's force and strength against them - right?

Well, that's exactly what we're doing here...

Turning the Tables

Fighting fire with fire. 

Whatever you wanna call it. 

See, I've been in these SEO circles for years and I've seen just about every strategy known to man. 

And this one... 

Is something that's brand new that no one else is talking about.

Yet gives you an easy approach to ranking in the search results. 

Without major technical know-how
Without a huge investment 
Without worrying about getting 'slapped' 
Without having to have 'perfect content'

Let me explain in case you didn't watch my video above. 

We're using Google's very own properties to get links and build rankable assets. 

And yes... 

We're using 100% AI for the content. 

And yes...

These sites index.

And yes...

These RANK.

Google Left the Back Door Wide Open

Not only did they leave the back door open...

It's almost like they also prepped you dinner. 

Set the table. 

And made sure you had the proper seating and utensils. 

See, these assets were never supposed to be used for ranking. 


I have a very curious mind. 

I dunno why...

But I don't let stuff go. 

I'll keep digging and digging into something until I figure it out.

That's exactly what you have here. 

See, I discovered these little known assets buried deep inside of Google's own tools that we can use as SEO Parasite Plays against them for ranking for highly profitable terms 

Now, the reason this is important is simple. 

This is Brand New

I've not shared these strategies with anyone. 

Which is why this is such an incredible opportunity. 

These have not been abused by the masses.

These are not your traditional Google Drive Stacks. 

They can be integrated with those but it's not the normal Google properties you've seen pitched on Fiverr. 

And I'll be showing you live so we can build these out together. 

Introducing the Parasite Playbook - Big G Edition.

Inside this live class, I'll be showing you how we build these SEO Parasite Plays all inside a 100% Free Google account. 

If you've got a simple Google or Gmail account, these assets are sitting on the inside waiting for you. 

And here's why I'm so giddy... 

These can be built super quick
These are 100% Free To Build
Great for building links to your money sites or client sites 
Can use these for SEO Parasites to take up additional ranking spots.
These are little known assets that haven't been abused

And again...

You're going to have the unique opportunity to see this all live in this brand new Parasite Playbook workshop Big G Edition and once we're done you can go back through this as many times as you'd like. 

At your own pace. 

You'll see me build these out. 

Launch 'em. 

Then we'll setup the backlinking plan of attack - all in this workshop.

Here's the details...

The class will be live on Thursday, April 18th at 3pm EST 

Now, obviously, I want you there. 

However, if you can't make it for some unforseen reason - I got your back. 

See, we'll be recording the whole she-bang and will have it plugged inside a Members Area just like I've done with some of my other past workshops. 

Plus, you risk nothing.

All because if you don't find at least one new Google property to use as a parasite then just let me know in 30 days and I'll refund you no questions asked. 

It's that simple. 

Once you go through this, you'll be able to...

Create profitable affiliate sales without needin' to know any coding or a 'casting a spell'. If you can point and click - these are super easy to setup.

Protect your own brand by having an additional, yet free site that has all the power you need to rank.
Use this as part of your own Reputation Management package to help clients stay in front of negative news, bad press, or even the sites that steal your products
Add an additional links source from the web's #1 authority - Google.
Forget having to buy domains, researching aged domains, hosting fees or anything like that. Simply create a free Google account to start building these 100% free.

You Had Me At Hello DP - Now How Much?

The investment for this program is $497

Which is really a cheap date when you think about it. 

Especially when you consider that just one of these bad-boys has the potential to stuff your pockets with thousands of dollars in commissions. 


And yet you can build as many of these as you want. 

All without risk. 

So how much is that worth to you?

See these are super safe and aren't your typical Google Drive stacks that you see everyone and their brother promoting on Fiverr. 

This are little known assets you can use for links and parasite plays and you'll be riding shotgun to see how to build 'em all but more importantly - you'll be able to build these along side of me. 

But look...

Since you're here, I'm going to extend an invitation to join me.

But not for the $497.

Not $397. 

Not $297 

But a measly $199 bucks. 

I'm doing this for a simple reason. 

This is all going to be done live and also I've stripped out all the fat. 

There's no need for bonuses to the hilt that you're not going to use anyway. 

Instead, I want to get you on the inside and not just to watch along but instead.

Build these with me. 

So, go ahead and reserve your spot on the inside as this offer is not going to be around for long. 

YES! Enroll Me In Your Brand New Parasite Playbook Big G Edition for Start Leveraging These Parasite SEO Plays for Big Profits

Once you join, you'll be able to take part in the live class, access all of the recordings to go at your own pace. 

By joining you'll see this brand new framework and we'll build it all of this live on our training call.

The live class is Thursday, April 18th, 2024 at 3pm EST
(If you can't make the call, we'll have the replay ready within 24-48 hours) 

Who Is this For?

SEO pros looking to gain a competitive edge.
Local Service Providers for helping you get more clients
Reputation Management providers
Affiliate Marketers

Get in for the ridiculous one-time offer of just $199


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