"Alabama Man Cracks The Code To Getting Free Search Engine Traffic Using Obvious, Yet Overlooked Loophole"

Leaving Google's Executives Scrambling and Bewildered And Now You Can See the Exact Methods To His Madness In This Special Report

By: Derek Pierce

What you're reading could derail the industry giant of massive ad revenue leading to widespread chaos amongst the fat cats at Google.

While it sounds kinda strange, you have in your hands the keys to the kingdom (I'll explain how in just a moment). 

Despite the fact, this Alabama man that's making such an uproar struggled in college, struggled with multiple businesses, but started his business with over $100,000 in credit card debt. 

That person is me. 

My name is Derek Pierce and I've been what many call an underground SEO genius... 

Their words not mine. 

Many of the super smooth, best selling author types... 

The 7 figure business owners. 

The local business owners. 

They've all called me through the back door. 

To keep their squeaky clean images in tact. 

Because they know, I'll do whatever it takes to get the job done

First, let me explain something. 

I'm not some tech wiz kid they thought I was.

To be straight, I almost failed the Excel 101 class in college.  

Everything you read above about starting with over 100K in debt and barely making it out of college. 

Sadly was 100% true. 

And it's partially what forced me to this online world. 

For starters, I had no where else to turn. 

I was too damn embarrassed by multiple failures in business and getting my teeth kicked in the corporate world. 

The only way I attained a marketing degree was because I was admitted into the hospital with a strange stomach bug the week of finals. 

Hooked up with an IV and the sounds of the machines beeping. 

My wife, Laura, phoned the statistics professor asking for an extension for the final. 

He suggested we could just take the grade I had.

Which would allow me to pass with a D+. 

I was never the business guy, nor the tech guy. 

My first instance online was hearing the AOL dial up buzzing while waiting on Jenny McCarthy pictures to load. 

Instead, I grew up on the farm feeding the chickens, cows, and hogs. 

On my high school exact exam, they suggested... 

I Was Built For Farming

Knowing me, I probably even looked at someone's paper for that exam. 

Even though I didn't excel at statistics, economics, or financial management. 

There was something I was damn good at and had no idea until years later. 

Something most would frown upon. 

It's simply copying what other people are doing. 

Being able to see footprints. 

See, I grew up a bit curious...

I always ask the hard questions and look for evidence when someone made any kind of claim. 

I hated it about myself because my brain was always working in overdrive trying to figure out how things worked.

For example, if you're a pathological liar, I'm probably not the guy you wanna talk to. 

Because as the words began to spew, I'm calculating everything that you're saying to reverse engineer what you've claimed and swore to be true. 

Drove me crazy. 

This "Weird" Characteristic Made A Bloody Fortune

This one trait led to some of my biggest breakthroughs in the world of business. 

Without the need for creativity.

Nor a polished sales pitch. 

Oh, and throw out the dress shoes and 3 piece suit. 

Instead, I could just reverse engineer looking at the footprints of what's been done, replicate it, and reap the rewards. 

That's When I Started to Really Flex in the World of SEO

My curious brain got to me. 

I knew if I wanted to get good at the digital game, I needed traffic. 

It's not rocket science. 

But without it, I knew I was shark bait and would never last in the digital world. 

Just one tiny problem. 

I didn't have the money to make it with ads. 

See, everyone was selling high ticket coaching for $2,000 to $50,000 or even more...

Allow them to throw money at ads just to swallow up the little guy and capture all the leads, traffic, and sales. 

After a few failed ad attempts and getting my ad accounts shut down, I said... 

To Hell With This! 

Forget about ads and instead learn to tap the search engines for traffic. 

Because after all, if you can tap the biggest search platform on the market, then you can write your own check. 

But everyone was saying doom and gloom.

Stuff like... 

"Links are Bad"

"This is illegal"

"This is going to get you banned" 

But remember my curious brain that I seriously thought "flawed" me?

Well, it became an asset in a big way. 

Instead of listening to all the high falutin' authors and so called experts, I got to work looking for footprints. 

Trying to see exactly what people were doing. 

Discovery Blew Me Away! 

I couldn't believe my eyes.

The research spanned for weeks and included many long hours of just digging. 

I remember having these 3 huge white boards and looking down at my watch many mornings to see 3am. 

My neighbors thought I was a vampire because at the time I had this crazy long hair and avoided people all together. 

What I discovered was totally different from what's being touted as the holy grail to SEO. 

Now, since then there's been countless updates and the fact is there will always be updates. 

But it's not just in the SEO world, it's also with social platforms organic reach, and paid platforms. 

Updates are a fact of life.

However, this research back in the day is what led me to be able to capitalize on all of these updates. 

Instead of relying on some high profile speaker telling you what to do. 

(Think about it - how can they know the market if they're flying all over the place giving talks.) 

Or even someone like me that's been more of an underground guy that get's called in when shit hits the fan. 

Not to mention the fact that every market is different. 

Some markets you can be more aggressive with. 

While others you can do the bare minimum and see results.

That's why it's in your best interest to see these footprints so you can quickly identify what's working inside your own market. 

I Want to Hand You My Curious, Flawed Brain On a Silver Platter

I'll explain how you can see these "footprints" in your own market that I'm talking about in just a moment.

Despite the markets being different there's a certain framework that's got to be there regardless of niche...

Before I spill the beans, I'm going to preface this with a few assumptions.  

First, I'm going to go out on a limb and trust that you know your market. 

You've already got your eyes on what it is you're going after. 

Even though you may know your market, you're probably still wondering... 

  • Am I Doing This Right?
  • Is This Good Enough?
  • How Can I Be Certain This is Going to Work?

I'll explain in just a bit on how to know with 100% complete certainty what to do. 

Sound good? 

Secondly, if you're creating content, we're assuming that you're using the popular Wordpress blogging platform. 

This is a MUST for anyone looking to do SEO. 

For starters, it's opened the doors for anyone to be able to publish their own website without needing expensive designers or tools. 

Wordpress is 100% free with just about every hosting hosting providers. 

Next, we want to see why these sites are ranking where they are... 

That's where my curiosity kicked in back in the day. 

Dissecting every minute detail to the point of being like the character in Monk.

Well, the good news is, you don't need my OCD to figure it out. 

At least for now anyway. 

I'll explain why in just a bit. 

Imagine just for a moment that you had these X-Ray vision glasses...

And every time you plopped them on you could see everything at a 30,000 view of exactly what's ranking, the content on the page, the links, and down to how many words and keyword density

We're talking every nitty gritty detail. 

That way you could go out and... 

Know EXACTLY What To Create with 100% Certainty

You wouldn't need my "crazy curiosity" or OCD. 

You wouldn't need the best selling author or Youtube influencer telling you what to do. 

Instead, you could simply look inside your Xray vision glasses, then copy what's already working. 

That's the keys to the kingdom with SEO. 

Then when the next update happens, you plop on those X-ray vision glasses again, take a look, make the modifications.... 

Then, yell out... 


That would be pretty cool right?

Stay with me, because this isn't just an imagination as you'll see in just a bit. 

Well, you'd still have to create the content though - right?

You want it all done for you in this make believe, hypothetical scenario - don't you?

Geesh, it's not good enough just having the Xray like googles...  

You also want the Robot that's sitting in your office chair pumping out the content the Xray googles told you that you need? 

That way you're out sippin' on your favorite, large margarita on the beach. 

Or just binging on Yellowstone episodes hoping like hell you get to see Beth Dutton whip someone's ass.  

You lazy bastard.

Just kidding - I actually get it. 

Staring at the computer typing out content is a pain in the ass. 

There is good news to all this though... 

What if I told you these pretend scenarios are not pretend any more?

I'm going out on a limb here and telling you something industry insider's are using some advanced, next level tools to bring in top rankings in the search engines for highly profitable keywords, that seemed untouchable to the masses. 

Yet it makes ranking for the most competitive markets feel like you're taking candy from a baby. 

To be straight with you, I've never seen anything like this in 15 years of doing this. 

These tools that I'm talking about are available (for now anyway) and pack a mean 1-2 punch. 

I really shouldn't even be talking about this or I run the risk of getting "cancelled" by my friends and fellow SEO'rs. 

Because, like I said this has led to... 

The Fat Cats And Higher Ups At Google In Complete Disbelief! 

Therefore, it wouldn't surprise me at all if these are shut down any day now. 

It's wrecking that much havoc where people are able to stop paying for ads and just start dominating the search results with...

100% FREE Traffic. 

Since you're reading this, I'm trusting you're a friend, so I'm gonna go against my better judgement and explain exactly what to do inside this report. 

No optin funny business or anything like that. 

I want you to have it so you can give the middle finger to the corporate big wigs and stuff your pockets full of dough. 

But, I want to give you a warning. 

I don't know how long this report will remain up.

Censorship has become a huge concern and these high level executives DO NOT WANT YOU armed with this explosive information and I run the risk of getting banned for life. 

All because they want to protect their self interest, but I say to hell with 'em. 

Here's all you have to do to get the ball rolling.

Step # 1: Activate Your Trial to Jasper AI 

Remember earlier, I said it wasn't so far fetched to having your own robot do all the heavy lifting and typing out your content? 

Well, this tool is ruffling some feathers because the content is 100% human readable and is 100% bot readable. 

In other words, people love the content and secondly. 

The search engines can't tell whether or not a human actually wrote it. 

It's like you're giving the middle finger to the man. 

It's so good, I'd go out on a limb and say this Jasper cat writes better than probably 90% of people. 

This robot uses some sophisticated mumbo-jumbo, machine learning processes that allow it to create content that passes as original content. 

You don't need to know all that techie stuff.  

You simply tell it what to do, and badabing. 

Jasper cranks it all out for you. 

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Step # 2: Get your 7 Day Trial of Surfer SEO 

Remember the Xray vision glasses earlier?

That's exactly what Surfer is and it will tell you exactly what to do every step of the way.

Wondering which keywords to target?

Surfer spills the beans. 

Wondering how much content to create? 

You'll see exactly what to create but you'll also see how much down to the nitty gritty, minute details.  

We're talking every i dotted and t crossed. 

Allowing you to seal up your top rankings tighter than King Tut's tomb. 

Here's the special dealio, we've got cooked up for reading this far... 

Test Drive and Try Surfer For 30 Days and if you're not happy, simply request a refund.
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If you're remotely serious about tapping into this enormous traffic loophole, then you need both of these tools.

With the growing trend of cancel culture and censorship, these tools and offers are at risk since they're causing such an uproar from Underground SEO'rs. 

As of May 20, 2024, both of these offers are available, so it's important to take advantage of this while it's still good.  

Once you set these up, then simply forward me your receipts and I'll send you over a very detailed, behind the scenes, underground tutorial that I've only made for my friends and family to start capitalizing on these two tools. 

Just forward it to shoalsmarketing(at)gmail.com and my assistant will get you the hookup for this incredible bonus. 

Derek Pierce


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Few Remaining Jasper Trial Accounts Available As Of May 20, 2024
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