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Dear Friend, 

I'll cut right to the chase. 

There's one strategy that has worked time and time again. 

It works for... 

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Local Marketers
  • Reputation Managers
  • Video marketers 

It does not matter your approach. 

The one thing that's been the go-to method that you can also milk for months and years to come is having... 

Private Blog Network

It's what allows those of us needing to rank quick or... 

Those situations where it's an absolute must. 

A competitive advantage. 

Call it a "Cheat Code" if you will. 

Have you ever looked at a site but couldn't figure out "why" it was ranking? 

Have you ever wondered why some sites show ZERO links yet still rank for some highly competitive keywords? 

The "secret" loophole is PBN domains. 

That's why I'm inviting you to join me with the... 

PBN Masterclass for 2022

This is going to consist of a 2 day live workshop where I'll walk you through all the ins and outs of PBN domains, finding them, and setting them up. 

Here's What We'll Go Through In this Class...

How to Uncover and Find PBN Domains 

You'll see all the metrics I use and what I'm specifically looking for. 

Avoiding Pitfalls With Domains

Even though PBN's are super powerful and make ranking super-easy once you get it all setup, there's some nuances you must be mindful of. 

These pitfalls can destroy your business. 

You'll see how I'm able to grab, launch, and monetize PBN's for months and years to come. 

How to Setup Your Domains So Your Super Safe

The goal is to set these up so you can milk 'em for years to come. 

The key to doing that is in the setup portion to making sure you stay off the radar. 

Content Creation Strategies for PBN's. 

I'll show you how to create content for your PBN domains. 

It's a different strategy than what we use for our money site content. 

Again, this is all brand new for 2022. 

How to Re-Theme

In many of the domains, we'll be looking at we can re-theme to any niche or market we want to be in. 

I'll explain all the how-to's for building our a network that actually moves your sites. 

Plus, You'll Receive The Following Bonuses When You Take Action Today... 

Bonus # 1: Rank Gold PBN Software

Rank Gold allows you to quickly setup your posting schedules for your Private Blog Network, then walk away without having to login to all of your sites. 

There's no footprints, no plugins. 

Simply enter your login details and let Rank Gold do the work for you. 

In addition to posting to your own PBN domains, you can also use it to post to the following sites:

  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • Wordpress.com 

Value $997

Bonus # 2:  1 (30 Minute) Site Audit & Strategy Session

Once you join, you'll be given a free 30 minute call where we'll dive into and audit your website pointing out any potential pitfalls along with where you need to be focused or we can discuss your PBN strategy.  

This session can be booked anytime this year at your convenience. 

Value $500

Bonus # 3:  Advanced 301 Redirects For Ultimate Authority

This is a recent recording I held explaining how to create 301 redirects from aged domains to power up your money sites. 

This strategy will give you power by monetizing the existing links from your aged domain. 

This strategy is more than just setting up a forwarder,  I'll explain where the redirects go, how to setup 'em up, and more. 

The fact is... 

In 15 years of doing this SEO and affiliate gig, there's never been a more solid, reliable, and consistent method to your off-page SEO than using PBN's. 

Nothing comes close. 

That's why we decided to make the investment in the PBN Masterclass program a real bargain...

Just the one time investment of $997. 

In my opinion, this is the best money you can invest right now because I know...

Once you get your own PBN domains... 

It's like a license to rank. 

Which will then allow you to finally have predictability and consistency with your SEO game plan. 

Being able to drop links at will from highly authoritative sources is the difference maker that sets apart the hot-shot SEO that rake in millions from affiliate sales and consultants that get raving results from clients. 

However, when you join the PBN Masterclass, you want even pay the normal $997 price tag

Since this is a live class, where I'll be walking you through everything. 

You're not going to pay $997. 

Or even $497

Not even $397. 

But today, you can get in for the one time investment of $299. 

However, I'll warn ya.  

For starters, there's no refunds on this program - I know the systems and processes we've built work first hand and will work for you too.  

If you're ready to create your own plan of attack with PBN's for 2022, then go ahead and grab a spot by clicking the order button below and save the $698 by ordering today.

YES! Gimme Your PBN Masterclass 2022 Edition!

I Want To Enroll In Your PBN Masterclass 2022 Edition and implement your strategies for building a bullet proof PBN while ranking my sites faster than ever before.  

I understand I'll be able to go through the program as many times as I like and go through this at my own pace

Only $997. As part of this special offer, get in today for the one time investment of just $299 and get all the bonuses. 

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