The True Story Behind A 2006 Radio Ad That Made It All Click

From: Derek Pierce

At the time I had a day spa business. 

Don’t laugh. 

Before the end of this spa-shindig, were doing roughly 600K a year completely hands-free in this super small town. 

Meaning I wasn’t touching the biz at all. 

I’d called up the ad rep for the radio station for a price on ads. 

She did her damndest to convince me to run ads on pop and country. 

“No… I want talk radio. 

Preferably Paul Finebaum.” 

She couldn’t help herself. 

Chiming in with… 

“But… That’s not your target market.”

I said I know my market and it’s not listening to pop or country. 

Here’s my target… 

"Last-minute, clueless men that are looking for an easy, but nice gift for their missus." 

They want something that looks like they put some real thought into the gift without putting any real effort. 

That’s who I’m targeting.   

So my ad hit all the main points. 

1. We’d make it painless - you could call a head and we’d have it waiting for you. 

So there was not time to have to tinker in the store and we'd even wrap it for you.

Making it absolutely a no-brainer offer for these guys.

2. She’d think you’d really put some massive effort into pampering her. 

3. You’d never have egg on your face with the gift card expiring like some of the other places in town. 

At that time, most places were putting a 90-day or 6-month expiration.

It was an easy way I had our place stand out and take the market-share.

All of those were hot buttons that made the promo take off. 

But here’s the thing… 

There was one that made this whole thing pop.  

It goes overlooked in so many scenarios. 

It wasn't my amazing voice (which was all the ad was)

It wasn't my good looks.  (no one knew me.)

And it had nothing to do with brand recognition.  (we didn't even have a sign at the time) 

It was something totally different. 

It's something that's now more important than ever and holds the keys to why some stuff takes off. 

And I’ll explain what it was in tomorrow’s email. 

Derek Pierce 

PS - Got an idea on what I'm referring to?  Drop me a line back with your guesses.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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