Sick of the "Links Don't Matter" Bull-Shit?

Here's How to Become


With My Most Advanced Link Building Strategies Making You the Most Feared SEO'r On the Planet... 

Dear Friend, 

If you want to create powerful and profitable link building campaigns that would scare the bejeezus outta of your competitors, then this letter will show you how to pull it off. 

Here's the scoop...  

I recently created a video training course called...

From Derek Pierce 

Shows How to Take the Monster Out of Link Building

The Strongman Formula

This is an advanced training that shows you how to effectively take the "boogeyman" out of your link building so you can create highly profitable campaigns that get you results... 

Becoming the heavy weight in your niche. 

I should warn you in advance. 

This isn't newbie friendly and isn't some cheap PDF course . 

Nor are we going to go into the "blackhat vs whitehat" link building argument. 

These are bonafide, money making strategies that get results where you can see over my shoulder how I pull these off...

In the fastest time frame possible. 

First, let me disqualify those of you that may be kicking the tires a bit. 

If you follow the notion that links do not matter, then by all means, this is not for you. 

I'm not here to convince you that links are necessary - if I need to do that, then this clearly isn't for you. 

Otherwise, if you're still here...

Then let me explain what you'll learn once on the inside... 

How to Take the Monster Out of Your Link Building Once And For All... 

  • You'll learn how to create backlinking campaigns that get results without waiting on the almighty Google to approve you, without begging for links, and without the guesswork.
  • How we use what Google is giving us attacking with multiple strategies based on what we're working with and you'll see it all in this program.
  • You'll gain access to multiple, highly tested recipes that you can implement safely and effectively.
  • You'll see the "free" software we use to get these super authoritative links without paying a dime, without spam, without begging for a link.
  • These are not the traditional methods you've seen that preach quality content - I've been doing SEO, researching building links and testing for over 10 years with all types of link building efforts. 
  • You'll see our 100% safe and effective method for your long term and client websites using our "Hot Links" approach without using outreach spam begging for links.  
  • We'll show you how we use automated linking software programs to your advantage to get quick wins. While many others have stopped using automated tools, we've cracked the code to getting long lasting results.

If we dive deeper into all of this, we're looking at Google with an RPO offense. 

Here's what I mean. 

If you follow college football, then you know the RPO (run pass option) has become the go-to offense. 

The idea is simple. 

You look at what the defense is giving you and make the play that's best suited for what the Quarterback sees. 

We're doing the same thing here with these link building recipes. 

More importantly. 

I'm giving you the templates to work with so you can copy and clone for your own. 

  • In Module # 3, I'll show you how to tap into hidden "strongman" assets that most people overlook that you can borrow authority from...  You'll see how to monetize and capitalize on these assets that you can milk for additional SEO traffic, help with reputation management, and create additional keyword rankings for your clients. 
  • How to fuel up your "parasite SEO" strategy to take up additional spots for your affiliate campaigns. 
  • New, yet simple GSA Templates to import so you can effectively pump out links at record levels without getting hammered by the Chinese link building virus (these are those Chinese spam links that do more harm than good yet most GSA users never filter these out) 

Let's face it. 

You've been lied to. 

The "links don't matter" crowd paints a massive picture of the most horrifying consequences. 

To the point, you're afraid to do anything. 

I know because I've been there. 

Staring at the screen in sheer horror! 

While letting days, then weeks, then months go by.

Scared to do anything. 

And as a result nothing happens. 

My sites only worsened in rankings. 

That's when I finally said, "EFFF this- let's see what happens."

Becoming aggressively yet cautious is what I refer to my approach. 

Never settling, yet taking all the precautions to get the results I'm after. 

And by all means... 

Showing Up In the SERPS At the Speed of Light

Ok maybe not that fast. 

But faster than the "guru-land" would have you believe. 

In Module # 2, I show you how I'm leveraging "old" beat up sites to rank for my keywords sometimes in days. 

Even in some of the most competitive, spooky markets.

Quicker and easier than most would think possible. 

The reason is a tried and true hack that give you an ethical, yet unfair advantage 

You'll also be able to... 

  • Implement the safest, yet easiest way to rebuild and start building out a Monster Authoritative site that will get you ranked in a matter of days or weeks.
  • How to master multi-tiered linking so you can gain power, authority, and trust making you feared by your competitors.
  • You'll see the insider's method to getting our links indexed at warp speed - never leaving it to chance for the Google Gods to come crawling at a slow-zombie like pace.
  • How to get an unfair advantage using our Auction Domains hack that get results in literally days by building out sites with existing authority that will deliver you monster rankings.

It's all on the inside of The Strongman Formula

These are all the link building tactics that are live and kickin' here in 2020. 

One thing is for sure. 

These are not for the faint at heart. 

By now, you're probably wondering... 

What's the investment in the program?

First, let me explain there are no refunds under any circumstance. 

If you're just here to kick the tires, then this is the equivalent of me yelling "Boo - Get Off My Lawn!" 

I'm looking for people that are playing to win and refuse to pander to those that are looking to buy, grab all of my tactics, then ask for a refund. 

That's more lame than a 45 year old showing up to Trick or Treat with nothing more than a pillow case asking for candy.

Not gonna happen on my watch.  

Now, for the good news.  

As part of this special Spooky dealio, I'm putting together 2 new bonuses. 

First, once you join today, I'm also going to include the following... 

Bonus # 1: Affiliate Case Study Training - How to Turn Failing Campaigns into Highly Profitable Assets.

Inside this training, I reveal how to take all the fear away because we're putting ourselves in a no-lose, play to win situation. 

You'll see 3 strategies we're using to turn our dud campaigns into winners. 

Bonus # 2: The 4th Quarter Members Only Report 

Inside this newsletter that I shared with my Search Stack Members, you'll see how to finally get more done in less time and get to work making the 4th quarter your most productive and profitable.

There's 2 options I have for you to take part in this training. 

Ready to get started?

YES! I'm Ready To Be Scary As Hell With Your Proven Backlinking Formulas!

Here's how to order...

Option # 1: One Time Investment 

YES! I'm ready to stop struggling with my backlinking campaigns, worrying about hurting my site, and become the Strongman in my marketplace. 

Give me the Strongman Formula Video Training along with your successful backlinking blueprints so I can systematically and easily top the search engines for my most sought after keywords, build authority, and get results for my clients.

Once this offer expires, I'll be raising the investment to $499 for this program alone.

Take action now for the one time investment of $499 $299 

Option # 2: Get It Free With SOAR

YES! I'm ready to stop struggling with my backlinking campaigns, worrying about hurting my site, and become the Strongman in my marketplace. 

As part of this special offer, I want the Strongman Formula for free with my order of the SOAR training program. 

As part of this, I'll also be receiving the following... 

  • Our Tried and True Affiliate Marketing System for Getting Rapid Results
  • Beginner To Advanced SEO Strategies That No One Else is Talking About
  • Video Ranking Formula for leveraging both Google and Youtube
  • Hand Holding Calls to Keep You Accountable
  • The Rebuild Software for Aged Domains
  • My Mass Page Maker for building out Mass Page Sites in record time.

Get started today for only $297

(You'll be billed a total of 4 installments of $297)

See you on the inside... 

Derek Pierce 

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