The SEO SECRET That Creates Kick Ass Sites That Are... 


Now, You Too, Can Leverage The Insider's Go-To Strategy for Highly Competitive, Profitable Keywords That Sees Results in DAYS! 

"Using this one strategy, I've been able to battle some of the most authoritative sites, out rank 'em for their most prized, coveted keywords that bring in passive, affiliate commissions, more traffic and new leads.    All using my Rebuild Approach."

I ain't gonna bull shit you though - while this is extremely effective - it does take work, research, and an investment - so if you get a little weezy from thinking about investing in yourself or your business, then I urge you to go about your day watching the latest saga unfold on Fakebook. 

But if you want "the go-to-thing" that works to deliver Strong-AF results, then this is for you... 

From: Derek Pierce 

Dear Friend... 

If you want to utilize the "secret weapon" that SEO'rs are using to overturn and dominate in completely new markets without all the traditional stuff you've heard you "must" do, then listen up. 

I created a training and software that shows you and gives you the tools to capitalize on the power of Aged Domains. 

Even though this strategy acts like a magic bullet, it does take time as well as an investment in your domains. 

It's called the Rebuild System

Once you go through this process and system, you'll be able to... 

  • Launch In ANY Market and be able to see faster results than using any other strategy.  The reason is because we're "tapping" into existing authoritative domains that already have a track record and trust inside the eyes of Google.

    You'll see how we leverage existing domains using the aged "Money Site" method.

    Once you apply this, forget having to be the face or the brand because we're rolling with what's already been built.

  • Cherry Pick the Best Domains. You'll be armed with the blueprint giving you the know how and the do-how to cherry pick the very best domains that already have existing trust and authority in the Search Engines that you can use for your own sites or to help rank your client's websites.

    You'll know exactly what to look for, how to spot hidden gems that no one else will see.

  • How to Capitilize on our Retheme and Rebuild Strategy. Using our proprietary software that integrates with Wordpress, you'll be able to quickly preserve all the existing link power to get the most from your Aged and Expired Domains.

    Using this simple, yet unique strategy, you'll add more power to your aged domains without doing any more work. Just install this simple to use plugin, follow along with the 3 step wizard to keep any of the existing link juice for your domains and your Private Blog Network.

    By the way, there's no other software or tool that does this.

  • You'll gain acess to our exclusive web based software so you can rebuild websites from the Way Back Machine in 2 minutes or less.

    (This is a simplest way to rebuild but my least favorite because most of the time the links, images and files are broken when pulling up the Way Back Machine.)  In my own business, I'm using the Wordpress option to "Retheme and Rebuild

Here's How it All Works...

This is the "secret" SEO pros have been using for years and I'll let you in on it right here...  

If you're doing your research, chances are good that when you glance at the top 10 results... 

You've seen more sites that are already equipped with links, age, and some level of authority. 

If you go buy a brand new domain to compete in this space... 

You're Gonna Get Annihilated 

It's why so many people don't see the light of day. 

It's like they're taking a knife to a gun fight! 

Here's what we do with the Rebuild System. 

We simply look for and cherry pick Aged Domains that already pack a punch.

Once you know what metrics to look for and analyze the domains, you'll be able to launch in any space. 


The most competitive markets and immediately start seeing results. 

Take a looksie a this... 

This is a site I launched in mid to late November and within 30 days we'd already picked up some nice rankings. 

Now, 90 + days later we're still showing up and climbing and now on page 1. 

I didn't go hog wild with content or links either. 

As a matter of fact, all of these rankings you see here are for 1 page! 

138 keywords ranking for 1 single page with 100% AI content!

See, I got lazy and didn't update it and the results are just for 1 single page. 

But get this... 

It was all using 100% content built by Artificial Intelligence like ChatGPT. 

The secret is in what I built the content on... 

Aged Domains. 

And that's exactly what I'm going to show you how to pull off in the Rebuild System. 

You'll get the videos on the inside, plus my special software that includes the secret sauce for how we "rebuild" these.

Brand Spankin' New BONUS Package 

As part of this special rollout, I've put together a special bonus package only available when you take action right away... 

Bonus # 1: The Money Site Authority Aged Domain

Most people think Aged Domains have to be part of a PBN.

However I also use them as Money Sites.  

There are certain secrets and advanced strategies to utilizing these domains for your money sites and even housing your videos for your Video SEO strategy. 

Bonus # 2: The Gold Digger Domain Case Study  

These domains are sparkly and shiny on the outside but doesn't perform leaving you high and dry with nothing to show for it. 

Inside this bonus, I'll show you a real "gold digger" domain that I fell for and the tell-tale sign of what I should have noticed hiding in plain site. 

Plus, you'll see what I'm doing in REAL time to make the most from the bad situation.

Bonus # 3: The Train Wreck   

These are the domains that you'll be able to spot a mile away that are nothing but trouble. 

Lots of "newbies" will end up spending way more on something that's completely worthless causing you all kinds of drama. 

Inside, we'll dive into how to spot these train wrecks a mile away to protect your investment. 

This is Important!

I know the system and everything I'm showing you inside the Rebuild system works.

It's powerful. 


Well, because I use it. 

I had it all built for me first before I ever launched it into the webosphere. 

And it's the go-to strategy whenever I'm launching a new site in a new market

That's why I'm telling you there's absolutely no refunds under any circumstance. 

I know it's rather blunt, but this approach isn't for those of you thinking you can click a few buttons and wake up with a hot blonde and bag full of money. 

However, it is indeed, the most effective approach in the SEO world, yet does require some work on your part to get it all setup. 

This is so tight-lipped and exclusive, we build your logins by hand. 

When you order, you'll get access to the training right away which I recommend jumping in and going through it all. 

And my assistant will shoot you over your login details as soon as we verify the order and create 'em. 

You Had Me At Hello - Now How Much? 

It's a damn near pittance to what I should be charging. 

The reason I say that is because this delivers a bigger ROI on my SEO results than anything else on the planet. 

It's consistent. 

It's reliable. 

And it will work regardless if you want to grow a following or if you simply want to remain faceless, behind the scenes. 

Imagine just for a moment. 

Knowing you can take a swing in any niche you wanna go into.

That's what we're talking about here. 

Today get in with all of the bonuses for only $99 per year. 

Or you can get this system 100% free when you join my SOAR program. 

Option # 1  

Join today for only $99 Per Year. 

This includes unlimited use of the software, the plugin, all the training, plus ongoing updates to the software and plugins.


Option # 2 - Free With SOAR  

Get the Rebuild System when you join my SOAR Affiliate and SEO Training program plus get the following additional bonuses:

  • Our Tried and True Affiliate Marketing System for Rapid, Lasting Results
  • Beginner To Advanced SEO Training
  • Video Ranking Formula for leveraging Youtube and Google
  • Plus access to Derek's New Affiliate Program 

Get everything for the 1 time investment of $997 or Get Started for only $99. 


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