Ready to Finally Implement A Link Building System That Gets Results?

Master your link building campaigns with Derek Pierce's tried and true formulas for serious SEO'rs only... 

This is an advanced video training giving you all the proven link building tactics I have in my arsenal called the Strongman Formula.

After Going Through the Strongman Formula, You Will Be Able to..

Create Successful Backlinking Campaigns That Get Results.  

You'll learn how to create backlinking campaigns that get results without waiting on the almighty Google to approve you, without begging for links, and without the guesswork.

The fact is we apply multiple strategies based on what we're working with and you'll see it all in this program.

You'll gain access to multiple, highly tested recipes that you can implement safely and effectively. 

This isn't some theory. 

These are not the traditional methods you've seen that preach quality content - I've been doing SEO, researching building links and testing for over 10 years with all types of link building efforts. 

We focus on results. 

Get Safe, High Quality links that give your sites authority and rankings using our Hot-Link Approach.   

You'll see the "free" software we use to get these super authoritative links without paying a dime, without spam, without begging for a link. 

And most importantly, you'll have a system to use this for your future link building efforts.

Most will tell you to send a billion emails begging for website owners to link to you only. 

If you're like me you've banged away at the keyword all day only to get a couple of replys from angry owners telling you to quit spamming them. 

After you see our "Hot Links" approach you'll never need to spam anyone begging for a link.

This is a 100% safe and effective method for your long term and client websites.

Get Results In Days Using Our Secret Auctions Hack. 

This will show you how we get an unfair advantage using our Auction Domains hack that get results in literally days by building out sites with authority that will deliver you monster rankings.  

You'll learn the safest way to rebuild and start building out a site that will get you ranked in a matter of days or weeks.  

The key revolves around knowing exactly what to look for and how you build out your site.

The Strongman Toolbox Training

We'll show you how we use automated linking software programs to your advantage to get quick wins.

While many others have stopped using automated tools, we've cracked the code to getting results.

You'll see how to pull it off using tools like GSA, RankerX and as well as our very own Rank Gold software. 

Plus, When You Order, You'll Receive the Following Bonuses...

Fast Action Bonus # 1:

Strongman Assets For Additional Rankings

These are often hidden assets that most people overlook, but you'll see how to monetize and capitalize on assets that you can milk for additional SEO traffic, help with reputation management, and create additional keyword rankings for your clients. 

These assets can be used as a parasite SEO strategy to take up additional spots for your affiliate campaigns or for your clients. 

Using these assets, we can scale our link building efforts much faster - safely and easily. 

Fast Action Bonus # 2

Strongman GSA Templates

We're going to hand you our brand new GSA templates that you can simply copy and clone into building your very own Automated link building campaigns.  

You'll not only see the strategy behind using this powerful piece of software but we're handing you our advanced templates 

YES! I'm Ready To Implement Your Proven Backlinking Formulas!

YES! I'm ready to stop struggling with my backlinking campaigns, worrying about hurting my site, and become the Strongman in my marketplace. 

Give me the Strongman Formula Video Training along with your successful backlinking blueprints so I can systematically and easily top the search engines for my most sought after keywords, build authority, and get results for my clients.

Getting more with less work.

By taking action today, I'm getting instant access to the video course along with all of the special fast action bonuses for the one time investment of just $399. 

I understand there's absolutely "No Refunds" under any circumstance. 

I don't have time to pander to those that are kicking the tires with the ridiculous guarantees - I know my stuff works because I'm using it every day.