How to Instantly Command The Trust You've Always Looked For...

Just to recap everything we’ve been chatting about the last few days in case you missed out…

First, is the Christian Bales of the marketing world

Secondly is the 2006 Radio Spot and the magic behind it all

Third is the One thing that made it all pop.

(If you missed these, do a search in your inbox for ‘em. It’s well worth it.)

And today, we’re diving into trust building without having to be a big name guru or having a huge following.

Here it is…

I just need to be visible in the right spots even if it’s not perfect.

For example, what’s the likelihood of you listening to some guy from a small town in Alabama that graduated with 32 people about SEO?

And marketing?

You’d probably say…

The likelihood is not that great.


Well, let me explain.

I didn’t have a computer until after I graduated and boy was it slooowww.

The computer I had at school was nothing more than taking turns playin’ Oregon Trails.


I figured out some stuff.

Took action on it.

And started showing’ up.

It’s like this…

I went from being a country bumpkin’ to showing up on the busiest freeways in the world.

With traffic that’s ready and willing to buy.

No formal training.

No certifications.

All from reading blogs and forums to start with, then dissecting the different moving parts.

Bada-bing - it worked.

When you show up even if you’re not the most polished person on the planet.

There’s a certain level of trust that’s automatically conveyed.

Think about it…

When you do a search and the #1 result pops up, you automatically lessen your resistance.

You’ve already earned that trust factor.

Just by showing up front ’n center of someone wanting and looking for you.

You don’t even have to show your face.

But the fact is.

The trust is already there.

In tomorrow’s email I’ll dive into the “Fake Till You Make It” phenom and how to approach a market even when you have ZERO credibility.

Derek Pierce

PS - The goal now becomes instead of looking “pretty” to getting in front of the right people at the right time.

Make sense?

Keep an eye on tomorrow’s email - “the Fake It Till You Make It Phenom” and in the meantime, how about showing me some love on the U-tubes?

Just published a new video on the process we use to determine if you create 1 post versus multiple post.

And I know my lighting isn’t perfect, the camera shook, and my hair was out of place.

But by God, I’m practicing what I preach.

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