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Welcome to The Brand Stack Blueprint

Watch This Short Video To See How You Can Take the Brand Stack To the Next Level...

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Derek Pierce here and I want to start off congratulating you on the decision you just made investing in the Brand Stack System. 

Once you go through the program, you'll have the ability to create, automate, and be everywhere you customers are at.

... All while working less and most importantly... 

From: Derek Pierce

Building a Powerful SEO Framework

Just like what I've been able to do. 

Because every time I create something, I've got systems built so that my blog posts, my videos, and my pictures are getting distributed all over the web. 

And it's extremely powerful because it's all directing back to my website. 


Now, I want to show you how you can take this to the next level using stupidly simple videos that anyone can make. 

Even if you hate being on camera. 

Stick with me for just a second and I'll explain it all.  

See, with the growth of Youtube, there's now a way we can accomplish the old add-age... 

Kill 2 Birds With One Stone

I know you've heard that phrase before. 

The idea here is to get as much as we can from our marketing efforts. 

Look, I don't have this gigantic team or anything like that (I don't want it).

So, I have to leverage my marketing efforts using systems, automations, and the tools that I have at my arsenal. 

Which brings me to this little site called Youtube. 

Obviously, I'm being sarcastic here because it's the #2 site in the world owned by the #1 site and often displays listings, just like the ones you see here... 

Rapidly Start Getting Eyeballs, Leads, and Sales in the Next 21 Days using Stupidly Simple Videos That Anyone Can Make Getting REAL Results in Both Google and Youtube

See, using my formula, you're able to capitalize on both of these platforms just like you see above. 

Tapping into the top 2 Search Engines in the world - all at the same time. 

Without wasting money on ads. 

All of this is done through ranking organically in the top 2 search engines in the world. 

It's all outlined in this special edition of what I call the Video Ranking Formula

Introducing the Video Ranking Formula

Once you go through Video Ranking Formula program, you'll be able to...

Quickly exploit this "Double Up" loophole by tapping simple to make videos that topple Youtube and Google all at the same time getting you traffic from both platforms! 

How to "target" buyer traffic so you don't have to be super sales-ey or have a huge Youtube following...  It's all about plugging into people already looking to buy.

Integrate our Table of Contents Formula for making you the authority in your marketplace putting you in the driver's seat to getting laser targeted, highest quality of buyer traffic on the web.

Implement our Quick video creation and promotional strategies without even showing your face, paying for ads, or having a high subscriber count that get you results.

The sneaky "Multiplication Conversion Method" will 10x your content by simply leveraging multiple modalities - all from a single video!

Cutting Edge, Vimeo SEO Secrets will show you how to leverage the power behind the popular video sharing site with no extra work for creating powerful, automated links for even more exposure for your video marketing.

I'm not able to give you all the details here.

Just know that... 

  1. It's Drop Dead Simple. 
  2. You can master this without much effort. 
  3. Once you learn the system, you'll consistently launch money-getting videos that haul in buyer traffic, landing you on the 2 most coveted sites on the entire internet, be the envy of your competitors while you rinse and repeat for even more targeted traffic.

Picture this... 

Suppose you could drop a massive billboard on the busiest freeways in the world with nothing but your most desired prospects passing by. 

Sounds cool right?

Well not only are you going to be shown how to tap the # 2 search engine but also how to be included in the # 1 search engine, while simultaneously leveraging all of these other assets.

It's all dialed in, nice and neat, inside my go at your own pace, Video Ranking Formula. 

Here's Everything You're Getting When You Take Action Right Away...

The Video Ranking Formula 

This is the complete, A-Z formula for getting your videos ranking in record time. 

Forget about having to be on camera, needing to have super expensive equipment or anything like that. 

Our Video Ranking Formula will have you setup and running profit pulling campaigns in no time.  

Inside you'll learn...

  • How to use ridiculously simple videos to build that know, like, and trust factor in no time. 
  • Show up in the top 2 busiest internet sites in the world.  These 2 sites aren't just the busiest sites, but they are also the most coveted because it's all buyer traffic.
  • Instantly and automatically build an entire series of promotional triggers that will build your overall authority and get that coveted SEO goodness for 100% free traffic.
  • How to stop wasting money on ads that go nowhere and instead start creating profit-pulling assets that get you found by your most desirable customers.
  • Go at your own pace training with no dripped content or having to wait.  Get inside the members area with everything is all dolled up nice and neat so you can learn the entire system.  You don't even have to apply a thing but just going through the program, you'll be armed with the Video Ranking secrets that high profile affiliate marketers and SEO pros don't want you to know.

The "Rapid Ranking" Setup

This will show you how to setup and monetize your Youtube channel to be a ranking powerhouse in 10 minutes. 

  • If you setup a Youtube channel and just start firing off videos out of the gate without missing this critical setup piece, your videos are doomed to fail, being left in no man's land. 
  • Inside, you'll see how simple it is to create a profit-pulling channel in no time - literally takes you less than 30 minutes to make all the tweaks yet it's so damn important. 
  • You'll also see how we give each and every videos that extra juice to help take out your competitors.
  • You'll see how to legally "spy" on your competition's videos so we're not re-inventing the wheel or guessing what works. 

The Multiplier Method 

This is one of the key elements that sets apart the Video Ranking Formula making it the best video course on the market. 

Inside, you'll see... 

  • How we setup multiple modalities all from a single video creating more links, more power, and additional rankable assets. 
  • The secret to covering more ground, more territory without any extra work.  
  • How 1 single video can be distributed to 10-15 different social media properties and then how it can be immediately configured and transformed into multiple forms.
  • The step by step method to creating powerful backlinks on autopilot all from different sources. 

Automatic Links And Advanced Promotional Strategies

Imagine just for a moment that every time you uploaded a video, there was this robot that set into motion a series of events to promote your videos. 

That's exactly what we have here... 

  • The free software that syndicates our videos once we click "Publish" - all on autopilot.  All automatic. 
  • How to boost the videos in super competitive markets so you can topple your competitors for the most sought after keywords. 
  • How to build a network of sites you can leverage for months and years to come - use these in your super lucrative, profitable markets leaving your competition scratching their heads wondering how you kicked their ass. 

How to Rank Inside The Youtube Platform in 72 Hours Or Less!

This is a quick, brand new, down-n-dirty, over the shoulder training session where you'll see the exact steps to get to the top of the Youtube search platform for your most coveted keywords inside 72 hours. 

We're not running ads here.

It works even if you don't have a following. 

You don't even have to implement it but just knowing it will arm you with what underground Youtube'rs are using to make their videos fly to the top while raking in commissions under the radar month after month. 

And you can deploy this sneaky loophole at your choosing. 

Plus, I'm Throwing In The Following Bonuses to Make This the Most "No-Brainer" Offer On the Planet

Bonus # 1  Podcast Stacking

Inside this tell-all training, you'll see how we're using simple, easty to create podcast to take over additional keywords, rank for additional spots.. 

In most cases, we're not even doing additional work. 

Inside, you'll see how we can leverage these free podcasting platforms for... 

  • Additional rankings
  • Automatic Links
  • Another form of consumption for our audience
  • Building overall authority and trust to your channels in the search engines. 

Bonus # 2: Controlled Engagement

One of the big damn secrets to ranking inside the Youtube platform revolves around engagement. 

They're closely monitoring how much "watch time" your videos are getting and inside this document you'll see this nifty, little loophole for easily increasing your engagement, boosting your watched time, and as a result skyrocketing your video to the top of Youtube. 

This is what insider's have charged as much as $5,000 to pull off as part of managing Youtube videos yet you'll see the exact process when you take action right away. 

And we're not using some bot that's going to jeopardize your channel - this is all using a clever backdoor approach that's super simple to implement.

Bonus # 3: Vimeo SEO Strategies

Vimeo is a secondary video sharing site that's packed with hidden, underground loopholes that give your videos extra power and authority. 

This is not necessary to make the overall Video Ranking Formula work, however if you have a Vimeo account, this will add more automated firepower to your arsenal, giving you additional rankable properties without doing any extra work. 

The "Wait 'n See" Game Is A Thing of the Past

Let me ask you... 

You've played the wait and see game haven't you?

Everyone has. 

It's a dream killer. 

Here's how it works.

You publish what you deem as the best content on the planet, thinking the search Gods are going to smile in your favor for all your effort. 

You wait. 

Check your stats. Nothing there. 

Check your rankings.  Nothing there either. 

This continues on for a couple of months till you get sidetracked by the next shiny object or completely lose hope.

Well, here's what the Big Dogs preaching quality content don't want you to know... 

And that's not some marketing hype. 

They sincerely don't want you to know what I'm about to explain because it can open up a flood of competition and will expose the exact loopholes they've been exploiting letting too many in on all the fun.

I say "Eff - it.  Let's arm you with the real, in the trenches tactics that's going to get you to the top."

Here's the reality. 

We're not in Field of Dreams where if "you build it - they will come".

It's a nice, feel good movie, but in the real world. 

It does NOT Work like that.  

There are little known, systematic methods to getting your content and these videos seen by the right people at the right time, so you're able to drive more traffic, leads, and sales. 

If you're wondering...

"Why Videos? I hate being on camera and I hate the way I sound!"

The reason is because they're 100% free to create.

Now, More Than Ever People Are Watching Video and Youtube is Exploding!

In addition, it's pretty much a no-brainer because after all... 

The channel is 100% free to use. 

It's like having a modern day ABC tv show that allows you to also appears on NBC, CBS, and Fox. 

And when you apply my secret strategies, you're taking that same tv show to radio and print delivering all over the internet.

See, there's no other platform where you can tap the #2 search engine in the world in Youtube and also tap the #1 Search Engine in Google. 

Using 100% free channels. 

While also tapping into multiple modalities. 

The key to all this working isn't just starting up a channel - it's arming yourself with REAL strategies that are going to get you to where you need to be. 

You'll Not Get These REAL, Behind Scenes Strategies Anywhere Else On the Planet. 

These are not available anywhere else and once you get inside the program, it's like you're looking over my shoulder as I break it all down into a step by step process that anyone can use. 

This system will work for you... 

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Course Creators
  • Coaches
  • Reputation Management and SEO Professionals
  • Digital Marketing service providers

This will show you exactly how to use simple to create videos to rapidly launch, getting high quality buyer traffic in the next 45 days. 

Once you see this system, it's like riding a bike. 

You'll be able to pick it up on command. 

You Can Do This...

  • Without having a huge Following.  Doesn't matter if it's just you and your Mom watching your videos, I'll give you the brain-dead, simple formula for turning these videos into a profit machine. 
  • Without creating picture-perfect videos or needing expensive equipment.  These videos can be made with inexpensive software and equipment that you probably already have access to. 
  • Without putting your face on camera - you'll see how to remain anonymous being whoever you want to be in any market you want to tap. 

Take Action Now At OVER 70% Off as part of this one time, special offer. 

Since you just picked up the Brand Stack system, I'm going to extend the goodness to make this a complete-no brainer because this is the ultimate program to stack with what you're already doing. 

It's a small investment of just $199 and you can utilize this on as many videos as you like as well as for your clients. 

If you consider just one video ranking can make you 10 times the investment in this program bringing you traffic, leads, and customers for months and years to come... 

Then this is a super-small price to let you in on the "hardcore" secrets to landing your videos at the top. Heck, you can't even buy any descent traffic for that, yet with this you can utilize for months and years to come. 

Over and over again. 

In a true, set it and forget it process. 

Plus, to make this a racehorse of an offer, I'm going to give you 31 days to test it out completely. 

And if for any reason, you don't think this process is the simplest process for getting traffic, then simply let me know and I'll issue you a 100% refund.  

Total Value: $8,297.00

Yours Today for Only $199

YES! Give Me Your Complete Video Ranking Formula! 

I'm ready to start showing up on the top 2 search engines in the world using your Video Ranking Formula to take over both Google and Youtube. 

As part of this special offer, I'm getting access to the complete system, go at my own pace, to ranking videos in both search engines in 45 days or less.   I understand, too, that I have a full 30 days to test out the program and if for any reason, I can get a full refund.  

I'm taking action to secure my spot and claim all the bonuses of this special one time offer. 

List Price: $699 Today Only $199

Get Instant Access and Inside the Members Area Going Through The Program in the next 2 Minutes.

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