Warning: This Special Edition of Video Traffic Engine Will Expire Very Soon. 

"Discover The Hot, New "Smooth As Butter" System That  Spoon Feeds Evergreen Traffic, Leads And Sales From Using Stupidly Simple Videos... OVERNIGHT!"

Now You Too Can Quickly Leverage Videos For Damn Near Instant Buyer Traffic Without Even Being On Camera!

Dear Friend, 

If you're looking to tap into hot, buyer traffic... 

Where people are actually looking to spend money and wanting to listen to your expertise, then listen up. 

Because this is the opportunity for the hands on, ass-kicking that can change everything for you with this brand new bootcamp style, live virtual event that will teach you a system for doing just that. 

And best of all... 

It can happen really fast.  Practically overnight.

Here's the story

As much as I hate to admit it.

I was late to the "video marketing game." 

See, I was never one of the yuppie, big-city speaker types that people clung to their every word.


I was the guy that stumbled around, more nervous than Biden on a bike the minute the camera turned on.  

Over time, I learned some crazy shortcuts that would transform traffic into leads and sales even without being on camera. 

But most importantly... 

I learned how to drive the traffic using video. 

Very quickly. 

But not just any traffic - the kind people would kill for. 

The "X Factor" Hardly Anyone Talks About

Roughly in 2006 I ran a radio ad for the day spa business on a talk radio show for the Finebaum network. 

The reason?

People were tuning in to listen. 

They weren't tuning me out, so half the battle was already won. 

The only thing left was to hit my target market with the right offer and bad-a-bing. 


That's the Advantage Of Using Video

People are tuning in to learn, gather info, and see demos. 

In other words... They're there to listen. 

Which is why I'm more excited about video in 2022 than any other medium. 

By using video, I can... 

  • Show up in Youtube (The 2nd largest search engine in the world owned by the #1 search engine)
  • Show up in Google (The #1 Search Engine)
  • Get traffic and leads from the 2 biggest sites for buyer traffic
  • Easily 10x my content using simple systems to multiple my content
  • All while building trust.
  • Crank out a highly profitable asset in 5 minutes or less
  • Tap into 100% free traffic without paying for a single ad.

After all, video conveys more trust than any other advertising tool on the planet. 

Which is why I'm super excited to extend this special invitation to join me for this super rare, live training class while I explain how to go from zero to hero using video as the catalyst.


You interested?

You should be. 

There isn't an online entrepreneur on planet Earth who wouldn't give everything to learn these simple, life changing techniques to get in front of new eyeballs, new leads, and make sales using these free platforms. 

With this system in your arsenal, you'll have the confidence and know-how to handle any market you encounter... 

Knowing without a shadow of doubt that... 

YOU Have the Skills to Instantly Take Over...

No matter how polished your competition may be on camera or how overmatched you may think you are. 

You'll know exactly what to do with the shitheads...

All from just... 

A Couple of Live Sessions

This is all going down live, so we can walk you through this process from start to finish together

And it's all new for 2022. 

That means inside of 2 days, you're going to go from beginner status using videos to Black Belt level and I'll help you along the way

But don't worry if you can't make it live in the class.

I'll have it all recorded for you and dropped inside the members area for you to go at your own pace. 

Once You Go Through This You'll Be Able To...

Setup and Launch Profitable Videos that bring REAL, Bonafide traffic. 

We're talking about traffic that gets you more leads, more money, and will convert. 

Leverage Youtube Plus Other Platforms for 100% Free Traffic

Just one simple video can be leveraged for milking Youtube for free traffic - sure...

but the beauty behind this system is that same video can be used in other platforms allowing you to 20x your content. 

Practically overnight!

How to put the minion-bots to work for you! 

As someone that runs a small operation, I rely heavily on automations and bots. 

You'll see the inner workings of everything behind the scenes for using these automation rules to your advantage. 

It's all much simpler and easier than you ever dreamed. 


How to Monetize Your Video Marketing Efforts Even If Your Only Follower Is Your Mom

Most talk about using video to build a following for sponsorships and ad revenue but the fact is - that takes too damn long! 

You'll see how to quickly monetize your videos almost immediately even if you're starting from scratch at ground zero. 

Let's Talk Bonuses For Taking Action Today... 

Bonus # 1: Tube Ads Liftoff

Tube Ads liftoff was a training I held back at the end of 2021 for running Youtube Ads. 

You don't have to run ads, however this is a perfect compliment in the event you want to scale up your video marketing efforts for getting more traffic, leads, and sales. 


Value $497

Bonus # 2:  30 Days of Q&A and Help with your Video Marketing

Once you join, you'll be given 30 days of email support to get feedback, help, and guidance on your video marketing campaigns. 

These will be answered directly by me. 

Value $500

Here's the Stone Cold Truth... 

In all the years of doing affiliate SEO, I truly believe if you're willing to crank out a video - even if you're not showing your face, it can be the quickest method for getting hot, buyer traffic, and the attention you've been looking for. 

(The kind of attention that gets you paid.) 

You don't need fancy equipment or any of the pompous, fanboy awards posed in your background. 

Instead, you'll have a system that gets you the most coveted traffic, plus I'll show you how to leverage it to the hilt using the simple multipliers. 

You owe to yourself and to your business to spend a couple of days arming yourself with this system... 

I mean, really... you stand to learn the secrets to leaving your competition, friends and family completely puzzled whispering...  

"I don't know what the hell is going on" or "where did this come from?" 

And now you can learn from someone that's been in the trenches to... 

Level The Playing Field!

Check this... It's all the Same Video


It's now about you and making this happen for you. 

And I want to make it as easy as possible for you...

However, when you join Video Traffic Engine today, you want even pay the normal $497 price tag

I'm making you a very special offer solely because you've either picked up something from me in the past or read my newsletter... 

This isn't one of those big fancy launches going to the masses...

It's a private invitation to join me.  

However with that being said, it's super limited because this is a live class.

That's why you're not going to pay $497. 

Or even $397

Not even $297. 

But today, you can get in for the one time investment of just $197. 

And I'll even make it easy on ya by allowing you to split it up into 2 payments of just $100. 

The reason?

Aside from the importance of getting this in your hands as fast as possible... 

It's a live bootcamp class we'll be holding this upcoming week that we'll be doing in REAL time. 

Most find this extremely beneficial because they can show up live and get their questions answered live and in person - but because it's being held live, your investment is a mere pittance.  

However, before we go any further, I need to warn ya. 

Important Details

First and foremost, and rather obvious, we are using simple videos that anyone can make. 

And no you don't have to be on camera but I'd highly recommend you shy away from all the "cutesy tools" that have been launched that limit you to 15 or 30 second clips with cartoons or swapping ones face with Thor. 

In my experience, those just don't cut it.  

Secondly, there's no refunds on this program - I know the systems, framework, and processes we've built work first hand and will work for you too.

Whether you do anything with it or not is up to you.  I know I've done my job with meticulous testing and fine tuning. 

No "Candy-Asses" and "Momma's Boy" types need apply. 

As I'm not trying to pander to all the potential tire kickers.  

I'm looking for people to show up that want one thing - RESULTS. 

As I stated, this is a live class that will be delivered over the coarse of 2 days and will be packaged up inside the members area so you can go through the entire program at your convenience. 

It's a heckuva deal, but will not be around for long, so go ahead and grab your spot before the clock strikes zero. 

YES! Gimme Your Video Traffic Engine  for 2022!

I Want To Enroll In Your Video Traffic Engine class and implement your video traffic-getting strategies. 

I understand I'll be able to go through the program as many times as I like and go through this at my own pace.

Only $497. As part of this special offer, get in today for the one time investment of just $197 and get all the bonuses all in all making this a complete no-brainer of an offer.  

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