The Secret To What Something Is Not

There’s a couple of beliefs regarding SEO that many people have just adopted…

First is the belief that it takes a long time.

How many “ad people” have you heard say something like this….

“You don’t have to learn this complicated SEO strategy and wait around for months on end.

Our system is nothing about SEO, blogging or learning complex linking”

Here’s what’s happening with a statement like that.

It’s focusing on what something is not using an assumption the market may hold.

Most believe SEO is a complex subject.

And that’s why you see statements like this

…mostly coming from guys promoting and selling a program about running ads

Chances are good he’s never even done SEO.

But the framing is there to position his product or idea as a better option.

This strategy is super effective when writing copy and it’s something that Dan Kennedy taught way back in the day in one of his copywriting courses with a strategy titled…

“What Something Is Not”

The idea here is you list everything your market doesn’t want or doesn’t like.

I literally just saw a video as I was writing this out and it went like this…

“You don’t have to be on camera”

“This is not about drop shipping”

“This is not some complex SEO trick”

See what they’re doing?

They’re listing everything of what they feel their audience doesn’t want.

Most don’t want to be on camera.

Most don’t want to deal with inventory or drop shipping.

And most don’t want to deal with complex SEO tactics.

The same thing could be said about anything.

Let’s look at if we were selling a fat-loss product.

Do you think it would sell if we said the following?

- You gotta workout every day
- Cardio at least 4 times a week for 1 hour with a heart rate of 125 beats per minute.
- You’ve got to eat less
- And no cheat meals

Of course not.

So what do you see when the diet product hits the market?

Forget restrictive diets - I can eat what I want!

This is not about doing hours of cardio.

This is not about working out for hours on end.

Now watch this and hopefully you see how all this shakes out for the SEO space…

If we want to flip the messaging around a bit we could.

For example…

If I’m selling a program on SEO, if I applied “what something is not” it would look a lil something like this…

“You don’t have to be glued on social media all day every day”

“You don’t have to have a huge following or be a big brand”

“You don’t have to waste money on ads that just go in Zuck’s pocket”

What I’m saying is simple.

There’s all this framing going on in the marketplace - all in an effort to sell more stuff.

So what if…

The idea that SEO took a long time was just an assumption fabricated by many…

What if there was a quicker way?

There’s actually 2 ways that I’ll be going over in my email tomorrow.

Derek Pierce

PS - On a side note - have you seen this "what something is not" strategy?

Reply and lemme know.

If not, now you'll spot it and know what's up.

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