How To Get 100% Free White Hat Links From High Authority Websites Skyrocketing Your Sites To # 1 Rankings

In Just An Hour A Day... 

Dear Friend,

You may think I've completely lost it with that headline above... 

But I haven't... I'm just super stoked because I've discovered what I consider to be the "missing link" to getting the most coveted, high-powered links on the planet. 

All 100% FREE!  

The secret I'm going to reveal to you has nothing to do with content, age of a site, or you becoming a best selling author or guru... 

But the fact is.... You will soon be able to tap into a endless supply of people raising their hands... 

Here's the story

From: Derek Pierce 

They're Lying Their Asses Off

High profiled SEO agencies, high-falutin' authors, link sellers, and outreach specialist. 

Sometimes it's to sell more of their packages or maybe sometimes they just don't know what they're talking about. 

This isn't to take a shot at them... 

Instead, I'm going to pull the curtain back...

On how to not only get these high-powered links but a process so simple that after watching these behind the scenes videos, you'll be able to start implementing this very tactic inside of an hour. 

You're Toast!

There's a lot of myths and downright lies.

And if you follow some of this advice, you're toast.  

Most will tell you that you need an aged, authority site before anyone in their right mind would link to you. 

While this is true, it's all because of the approach.  

You can see this from a REAL interaction I had. 

"What did you mean?"

That was the response!

The reason this fails?

It's all in the process of it all. 

Take a look at my current inbox. 

You see most of these are using bots to try to pitch something. 

It's either links, SEO services, asking for guest post, or asking me to link 'em up. 

This is a common cold outreach approach and typically requires expensive software.  

That's not what this is about. 

Nor is about buying expensive link packages.

Although these links are super expensive as you can see a recent quote for guest posting. 

See what I mean?

Now, the good part to all of this... 

There's a better way... 

Making This Super Simple

The secret is all derived from something that I learned back inside my real estate investor days. 

The key to getting a deal was to finding someone motivated enough to take a discount so I could resell it for a profit. 

I scoured through all of our market. 

Hitting up backroads, rough neighborhoods, and fancy neighborhoods alike collecting all the For Sale By Owners and Vacant houses. 

Then I'd start reaching out to them by phone. 

For the vacant houses, I'd go to the courthouse, look up the owner and start sending them mail.

But I noticed something... 

They Didn't Want to Be Bothered! 

Making it very unlikely to get a deal done. 

It Was All Psychological

See at the same time, I had my marketing cranked up where people were calling me first. 

For those, I was making deals with left and right. 

It's all about the fact, they were raising their hands first. 

They were looking to me as an expert to give them an out. 

Which is exactly how this process works. 

Instead of beating people over the heads with spam messages from bots, we're simply tapping into people already looking for help. 

Those people are reporters. 

Which is why I've set this up. 

I want to arm you with the process for getting these 100% Free White Hat Links all using a free service. 


Here's all the nitty gritty details. 

This is composed of a couple of recordings I recently held outlining this entire secret process. 

All in all, it will take you a couple of hours to go through and even less time to implement. 

But once you do, you'll be well on your way to... 

  • Getting 100% FREE Links All from Reputable Sources
  • Building up your overall domain authority so you can rank with ease in the search results.
  •  Get natural traffic because these sources will bring you clicks. 
  • Get results for your clients.... As a matter of fact, this is an additional service you can provide to add another revenue they'll love you for
  • Bully your way into the top 10 for even the most coveted keywords. 

This isn't a tell-all, A-Z SEO Course with hours upon hours of video. 

And it's not the production value of these recordings you're after. 

Instead, it's the simplicity. 

Literally, you can watch these videos in under 2 hours and then it will take you even less time for the setup. 

And continue to drive these links all in just... 

In Less Than Hour A Day

This process works even better today in 2022 and will give you the ability to get the most premium of links. 

After going through this you'll be able to... 

  • Use my automation rules so you can simplify and systematize the process.
  • Use Artificial Intelligence to your advantage - I'll show you how we let AI do the heavy lifting for us as part of this process. 
  • Get 100% FREE, High Authority domains linking to your stuff or for your clients all in less than an hour a day. 

Bonuses For Taking Action Today

Since you're taking action right away, I want to sweeten the deal to make this an absolute killer value for you. 

That's why when you take action right now, I'm going to include the following bonuses. 

Bonus # 1  Overlooked Links

This is a PDF document I shared that shows you some of the most overlooked and easy links to acquire that also can boost your authority in your space. 

Bonus # 2  Content Conversion Template

Inside this PDF, you'll see our exact layout of how we optimize our content for maximum conversions for our blog post. . 

I Probably Should Warn You... 

As I said earlier, you're not after production value with these recordings but these are no holds barred, raw, what's working right now. 

All recently pulled from my private stash of recordings for my "Private Members".

Also, I'm not into entertaining tire-kickers. 

That means, there are no refunds for this purchase.  

I know the systems and products I push out flat out work and they can work for you to. 

Which is why I want to arm you today with this insanely generous offer. 

Without Paying Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars

You don't have to pay for a single link and it's not going to cost you hundreds of dollars per month in outreach programs. 

Since, you've seen the price for Premium links can exceed several thousand dollars, you're probably expecting this program to be at least $5K. 

However, it's not going to cost you anywhere near that. 

See, I've cut out the fat and condensed this down into just a couple of short videos so you can see the process, then start taking action right away. 

And I want to get this into your hands making this as easy as possible. 

You're Not Paying the Normal $297 Price Tag

Even though it's worth way more. 

You'll not even pay $197. 

We're doing something big today. 

Today, I'm rolling these videos out for the damn near pittance of just $49. 

Just know, this isn't going to be around for long.

So go ahead and take action today. 

You owe it to yourself to start tapping into these high powered links. 

And just picture the look on your competitor's faces when they're blowing thousands of dollars, begging, and pleading for links. 

All while you're scooping them up daily... 100% Free. 

Ready to Get Started?

Yes! I'm ready to implement your Premium Link System where I can obtain Free, high authority, high powered links from premium sites along with all the bonuses...  

I understand by taking action right away I'm getting this for the measly investment of just $49

And I can use this process for my own sites as well as my client websites. 

See you on the inside, 

Derek Pierce 

PS - If you decide to wait around, you're screwed. 

Think about how much you've already missed out on by not having these authority-type links. 

Hell, just one of the links from these bad-boys can mean thousands. 

Inside, I'll show you a simple process that you can have up and running by the end of the day. 

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