Shameless Way To Ranking Makes White Hatters Cringe

Over the years, Google has favored more and more authoritative sites.

That’s a large part of why our Aged Domain strategy works so well that we discussed yesterday.

Typically when we pick these up there’s a ton of authority already there with existing links…

We look for them to have authoritative links already pointed to ‘em from sites that you’d expect to see.

For example, suppose I wanted to start a fitness and supplement brand.

I’d look for a solid brand-able domain with existing links from sites like Web MD, fitness, or medical related channels.

Business stuff, I’d want to see business links.

And in most cases these are coming from sites we just can’t build on our own using tools.

These are a lot more coveted.

For example, say you hired someone to do a Forbes article…

That one article will run you in the ballpark of $2K - for one article with one link.

That’s why aged domains are the shiz.

Massive time saver.

And these work for 2 things.

First, they rank but also…

These are links you can throw to your sites and client sites to power ‘em up even higher in the rankings.

You gotta be picky about your criteria for these domains and know what you’re looking for or you could easily overpay for someone else’s trash.

When you pick one of these up, you’ll need to wait about 10 days before the domain becomes available.

And if you’re like me…

You can get a little antsy waiting around…

Which is why it’s important to now pull out our 2nd tool in the toolbox.

This one gives you the ability to start pushing today.

Literally after reading this email, instead of watching cat videos on the tubes…

Or surfing to some not-so-safe places.

You could break out this strategy and crank out a few of these that are called…

Parasite Plays.

A parasite SEO play is where you borrow authority from the main domain in an effort to rank the individual page.

One of the best examples at the moment is Linked In Pulse pages.

If you go into LinkedIn and just click to write an article, load it up with your keywords, then often it will pop in the search results.

But get this…

You can also use this to drop links to your main stuff as well.

All 100% Fuh-ree.

That’s just one example though.

We’ve used a number of these over the years for everything from ranking affiliate terms, reputation management, and for local services.

This is hands down the lowest risk with the highest reward for getting into the SEO game.

So here’s how to make these pop…

Treat’em just like you would with proper on page.

In other words…

-Include the keyword in your permalink or url string if possible
-Include your keyword in your titles
-Sprinkle in some h2’s if available in your content.

…And bust out a lengthy article.

Think 1500 words or more.

Then get the thing indexed.

For indexing, run ‘em through Omega or Index Me Now

Index Me Now is pretty pricey but works really well.

Then track it.

Next up…

Throw the juice to it.

You know what I mean - aye?

Now, we got links plus we got assets we can potentially rank…

All 100% Fuh-ree

And by the way…

Where’s the risk?

You’ve built the content with AI.

You’ve borrowed authority from another site.

Which brings me to something I’ve been working on the last couple of months but quite frankly…

This is getting a bit long and I need to crash, so I’ll fill you in tomorrow after my morning cup o' joe and workout pump.

Stay tuned

Derek Pierce

More Coming Soon...

4-13-2024 @ 11am EST

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