I Finally Flipped The Light-switch to "On"

From: Derek Pierce
North of the Warrior River

What if you knew every person you called on - you knew that you’d make a sale?

How many calls would you make? 

I remember those questions from an old sales training I had that I believe was from Jay Abraham. 

It got me to thinking.

If there were no resistance. 

You’d be dialing as fast as humanly possible and couldn’t wait to actually talk to the other person. 

You’d probably skip lunch. 

Wake up early. 

Work late. 

Same thing in the digital world. 

You’d be dropping one email after another. 

Zero resistance to asking for the sale. 

But we both know that’s not humanly possible to close every single sale. 


There’s something I did that made a shift of seismic proportions that was literally like flipping a light switch. 

And I had no ‘effin’ clue what had just happened. 

I just knew… 

It made the difference in my bottom line. 

My affiliate promotions skyrocketed.

And my marketing campaigns for my own products. 

Went to the next level. 

Imagine just for a moment, waking up at 7am. 

Eating with your family before you send the kiddo off to school. 

Popping out an email. 

Going to the gym. 

Then working for a couple of hours. 

Then taking a long walk with the missus. 

Then heading back to work for another hour or two. 

While waking up to cha-ching messages every day with anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars a day.

While I work more than that with the various aspects of my business - I could completely scale back to only 2-3 hours a day without having a huge staff either. 

This one tiny “skill” completely altered my business so I was never 100% Google-reliant. 

You ready for it? 

The skill is… 

Learning how to construct an offer. 

The offer is everything. 

To me it comes before you build a list, sell a product, or do anything in the online world. 

Even when you're promoting affiliate campaigns.

The offer is critical.

You can’t just go in willy-nilly and start cranking out landing pages. 


You’ve got to know how to construct the offer that gets people all worked up into a frenzy.

A frenzy that will have them whipping out their wallet waiting, holding their breath for you to finally open the doors with their card in hand.  

One that has them wanting to hear from you. 

I'll be the first to admit. 

I was wrong for so many years. 

I believed traffic was everything. 

And it’s still important. 


You can have all the traffic in the world of your exact target audience. 

Yet if you offer sucks. 

Your positioning sucks.


You’ll just have a big 'ole list. 

-> The goal is never a big list. <- 

If you want a huge list, go buy one and see how well it does for you.

That dog won't hunt.

That’s like saying I want to go buy a new saw. 

No one wants a new saw. 

They want what the saw can give them. 

Perfect cuts. Beautiful trim. Great foundation. 

Better yet.

It's the look the missus gives you from the pride of seeing the quality of how you’ve made the house pop. 

The envy of the neighbors when they walk in and see what you’ve done. 

Hearing the praise from family saying “You did a great job…”

For me, I’m wanting to get as much as I can from even the smallest of list. 

Solving problems for them. 

While getting paid like a king. 

Tomorrow I’ll be dropping a new life-changing email and destroy the whole “bigger list” is better ideology and what really matters… 

I’ll give you a hint.. 

It’s all in the quality of your list and there’s just one way to do it. 

Look for the email to drop in the am at 9 am EST. 

It’s the reason you see some peeps with huge list rank dead last and have 0 sales in affiliate contest and can’t get a conversion to save their life.

I’ll explain it all tomorrow. 

Derek Pierce

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