So Controversial I'm Bound to Be Canceled

From: Derek Pierce
North of the Warrior River

What most people wanna tell you is build a big ‘ole email list.

The money will pour in like turning on a water faucet full blast.


I’m probably going to piss off some people and bound to be canceled for saying it...

But somebody’s gotta do it.

It’s all horse shit.

We’re not after leads.

Instead, we want customers.

HUGE difference.

If you’ve got someone that’s a customer and you’ve treated ‘em right.

They are willing to buy from you over and over again.

With anything you recommend or put out.

And go to the depths of hell to defend you.

It’s how I Google-Proofed my business.

And how I can promote to a smaller list and still clean up.

See the majority of my leads are not leads.

They are buyers.

And it’s all been done very strategically.

Yet, a simple process.

Provide something of high value, priced lower than the rest of my competitors

Then I backup what I promised.

I then have a customer for life.

It’s how many of the guys that are on the affiliate leaderboards are able to generate 5 figures from dropping an email alone.

It’s not that they have leads.

It’s because they have buyers.

Customers that are willing to buy over and over again.

For most of you, you’ve come through as a buyer and not as a lead.

And I’ve got the data to back up and the fact that most pick up more than just one thing I promote.

Which is why we gotta get you dialed in now more than ever into creating your very own “customer list”

That’s why tomorrow I’m opening the doors to my new workshop I’ll be hosting called Low Ticket Leverage.

Once you go through this, you’ll be able to create your own “customers” to be able to sell your own products, kill-it in affiliate promotions all in just a couple of hours a day.

Want an invite to join in all the goodness?

Reply back with ‘I’m In’ to make sure I get you the invite once we open the doors.


PS - There's a reason we're looking at low ticket specifically and I'll explain it all in the next email coming in the PM edition.

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